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Merna the Merhog by conniethehedgecat777 Merna the Merhog :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 6 15 Ocean Lady by conniethehedgecat777 Ocean Lady :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 2 18 Skeleton Staff Stanton by conniethehedgecat777 Skeleton Staff Stanton :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 1 5 Rocky the Cat by conniethehedgecat777 Rocky the Cat :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 0 1 Rosie by conniethehedgecat777 Rosie :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 1 19 OC Clothes Meme by conniethehedgecat777 OC Clothes Meme :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 4 40 Ebony the Cat by conniethehedgecat777 Ebony the Cat :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 7 3 Tess Boom by conniethehedgecat777 Tess Boom :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 5 75 Regean Victoria by conniethehedgecat777 Regean Victoria :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 6 170 Candace the Hedgehog by conniethehedgecat777 Candace the Hedgehog :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 3 170 Good Job by conniethehedgecat777 Good Job :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 5 14 Im So Sorry Oh My God by conniethehedgecat777 Im So Sorry Oh My God :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 3 7 More Shading Practice by conniethehedgecat777 More Shading Practice :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 3 5 Get Off, Ya Big Lug... by conniethehedgecat777 Get Off, Ya Big Lug... :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 21 8 Contest Entry by conniethehedgecat777 Contest Entry :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 4 8 Happy Halloween by conniethehedgecat777 Happy Halloween :iconconniethehedgecat777:conniethehedgecat777 1 3


Sad Murdoc by Lime-In-Crime Sad Murdoc :iconlime-in-crime:Lime-In-Crime 15 0 Happy (late) Birthday to my very best friend by SonicFancharas4life Happy (late) Birthday to my very best friend :iconsonicfancharas4life:SonicFancharas4life 8 16 Murdoc Niccals - Gorillaz by Choco-Floof Murdoc Niccals - Gorillaz :iconchoco-floof:Choco-Floof 246 14 TML plays ONESHOT by neonUFO TML plays ONESHOT :iconneonufo:neonUFO 107 29 Hoborg Sketch by Rubber-Band-Of-Doom Hoborg Sketch :iconrubber-band-of-doom:Rubber-Band-Of-Doom 10 39 EarthWorm Jim- Front Row Seats by sleepers-anonymous EarthWorm Jim- Front Row Seats :iconsleepers-anonymous:sleepers-anonymous 57 5 Earthworm Jim by Cortoony Earthworm Jim :iconcortoony:Cortoony 123 21 through the soil he did crawl by Cortoony through the soil he did crawl :iconcortoony:Cortoony 119 23 Earthworm Jim is Graavy by Midcity-Cartoons Earthworm Jim is Graavy :iconmidcity-cartoons:Midcity-Cartoons 30 2 Earthworm bait by Garlar Earthworm bait :icongarlar:Garlar 69 39 WIP: Terry Scott Taylor by maniacaldude WIP: Terry Scott Taylor :iconmaniacaldude:maniacaldude 10 2 NH: Fin Grin by GwenIala NH: Fin Grin :icongweniala:GwenIala 40 24 join my gang by despairhaus join my gang :icondespairhaus:despairhaus 122 11 Dear God, I hate myself by pandabearbam Dear God, I hate myself :iconpandabearbam:pandabearbam 85 27 The Wolf and the Bunny by TheWardenX3 The Wolf and the Bunny :iconthewardenx3:TheWardenX3 40 14 Candace the Hedgehog by SonicFancharas4life Candace the Hedgehog :iconsonicfancharas4life:SonicFancharas4life 7 12


Merna the Merhog
Hey it's still Mermay, right? That goes until the end of May, right? Here's my contribution if it still is. Anyone remember Merna from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? I decided to redesign her, might even re-purpose her if no one else wants her. I think I'm really starting to get the hang of using the different tools in Fire Alpaca. This is the first full drawing I've created using this watercolor technique. Sure beats the hell out of the blur and smudge technique I used for GIMP. The result is cleaner edges and an overall less messy appearance. 

This was also a welcome distraction from the mess that is the Gorillaz fandom rn, but I digress...Happy Mermay Everybody!
Ocean Lady
Took a computer art class this semester for fun. This was one of the projects we worked on.
Skeleton Staff Stanton
This band needs more attention, like, holy hell how have they flown under the radar for so long???? Anyway, dear watchers, I have stumbled upon another animated band called Skeleton Staff, consisting of a human, a kangaroo, an alien, and a robot. They have three album and one music video with the promise of more on the way. Here's the link, check them out:…

I may draw the other characters as well. Godfrey is probably my favorite along with this little diva.
Rocky the Cat
I've been quiet and will continue to be so, fellow watchers. Have a random attempt at utilizing Fire Alpaca's other brush options, featuring a random character I got as a birthday present. Maybe more on her in the future. Till next time, my children.
Just my way of saying that I'm not dead...well, sorta...

The semester's over and I managed to make an A in everything except for One. Damn. Class. But, it's a B so, I guess I can't really complain. But, let me tell YOU, it took EVERYTHING out of me to get those grades. I'm still mentally dead after this semester. I severely underestimated how hard it would be to juggle school AND work. I managed it, but at a price.

Needless to say, I'm still not quite "right", I guess. I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally dead and I might be for awhile. On top of that, I've had a lot of personal life issues going on that haven't been helping, as well as some worries for the future. If I don't reply to comments and stuff right away, please please don't think I'm ignoring you or annoyed or anything like that. I just can't seem to get in a good enough state to talk right now. You should see some more drawings though, so there's that. I need to draw useless, stupid shit right now, since I couldn't for months.

Okay, so this is another OC. I know I don't talk about them too much, besides Connie, but I actually have quite a bit of these guys floating around in my head and sketchbook, some more developed than others. This is one of the less developed ones, unfortunately. All I have for her is that she has some sort of brain damage, acquired years ago, from being a victim of Eggman bombing a forest with poisonous radiation or something. She was found by the Freedom Fighters along with other survivors and brought to wherever they are now (Knothole/Mobotropolis/Idk). She doesn't talk, can't seem to make social connections with anyone other than Bunnie Rabbot, and has the mentality of a child. Overall, she's a useless background character that I liked the design for in my sketchbook, so I decided to give her a little more depth. I imagine that Bunnie does her hair, as she mentioned wanting to a hairdresser in the Archie comics (although that was that assclown Penders doing so idk).

Again, please comment, show me some love and whatnot. I will reply, just not right away. Expect more drawings until school starts back up in January. Love you, guys, and thank you.


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Im a Liz
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here's a petition to bring your favorite characters, like sally acorn and the freedom fighter in the IDW comic series. would you like to put your support on petition, to bring back the freedom fighters into the IDW comic series, by any chance?…
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Hey, karlie.
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Lilah raced into an abandoned building, lilac-blue quills flying behind her as she raced away from the army of robots trying to capture her. She slammed the door to the old warehouse closed, her spear clattering to the ground with an empty, metallic sound as she forced a large, empty bookcase in front of it. That done, she gasped and sank roughly to the floor, which was splintery and cold even through her jeans.

Still panting, she lifted her light grey shirt, examining the blaster wound. Wonderful. Another scar to add to her growing collection. At the very least, it did not need to be stitched. That coupled with the fact that she heard noises inside brought her crawling over to a corner to pick up her spear.
conniethehedgecat777 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Connie picked themself up off the cold floor, breath labored as they started to feel the pain blossoming in their side. They had just smashed through the nearest building's window in a hasty attempt to escape the robot horde and their blasters. In all honesty, Connie had just woken up in a new world after "dying" once again. You would think after waking up in strange worlds for the past century or so would become tiring after awhile, but nope. Shit always seemed to be going down in said strange world that kept the hybrid on their toes. Upon waking and exploring their surrounding, Connie ended up running into the robot army on accident. After quickly discovering that were definitely not friendly (one of them shot Connie in the side on sight), they legged it as fast as they could to the safety of a nearby abandoned building. There were no doors--to be fair, they didn't really bother looking for one--leaving them with no choice but to body-slam into the one window.

They now hobbled around the room, holding their side. The bleeding was slow despite the size of the wound, a side affect from technically being dead, they gathered. They needed to find a first-aid kit or something. Even if they probably wouldn't "die" from blood-loss, a painful, gaping wound would be a distracting as hell. They began to rifle through a nearby cabinet, not caring about the racket they made. Besides, it's not as if there was anyone else there, right?
LizLuvsCupcakes Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018
Lilah listened close to the movement in the next room, watching shadows shift on the wall. Whoever it was couldn't be that tough, could they? It was just the shadow being cast that was distorted, right?

it was strange- she almost didn't want to move once she had the spear. Not put of fear, but attracting the attention of whoever it was was not on the top of her list. Terribly inconvenient, especially while injured.

Still, she reminded herself that whoever was in here was a threat, who could steal her supplies or end her life. So, as silently as she could, she crawled across the floorboards and into the room that served as her sleeping area.

Steeling herself and putting on her most vicious expression, she stood with her sword in the room with a filthy old mattress, dozens of piles of books and a crate. She drew a deep breath, and aimed her spear at the mystery person-
conniethehedgecat777 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
After rummaging through three cabinets with no luck, Connie's side was beginning to get worse. Stretching their limbs to reach higher places only caused the wound to bleed more profusely, staining their gray sweater dark red. As they stopped for breath, they heard a creak in the floorboards, slow and deliberate, like someone was attempting to sneak up on them.

Slowly, as to not irritate their wound any further, they spun around to face their assailant.

"Oh thank god", they said, voice still a bit gravelly from waking up. The person standing there, holding a crudely made spear, looked young and dirty. Harmless, they thought. They cleared their throat.

"I was expecting a--ah bigger threat, yeah?" They tried to stand straighter now, almost buckling under the amount of pain in their side.

"Say, ah--you don't happen to have any, ah, first aid kits here, do you? Can't seem to find one."

They gave the hedgehog a toothy grin, showing off unnervingly sharp teeth, while waiting for an answer.
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LizLuvsCupcakes Featured By Owner May 4, 2017
((Some people prepare for summer by buying swimsuits or planning vacations. I prepare for summer by leaving a bunch of roleplays for when semester ends.))

Jane Kragen was in a conundrum.

She'd just spent five years of her adult life studying to become a dentist, her dream for as long as she could remember, and had passed all her courses and gained her licence to practice with flying colours. So why was she sitting on the curb of the sidewalk, wearing a lab coat and wondering if she'd ever be hired by anyone?

Well, I'll tell you why- nobody would hire her.

yes, for some dumb reason or another, people always insisted on not tying the patient down, on anaesthetizing every little thing, and on not wrestling your patients into submission. Never mind that you always got the job done and that the problem had always been fixed by the time she was done, it seemed most practices didn't like it when you caused a patient "preventable pain."

And the longer she sat, the more she thought about this, and the more irritated and hopeless she became. Would no one hire her?
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