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Bad Day for The Enterprise

Composed in Daz Studio 4.7. Rendered in Luxrender, using Reality plugin. Postwork in PS.

Just an exercise to try to create a battle-scarred Enterprise.

*Updated - felt it needed some adjustment.
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Definitely from another untold universe. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Seems like everybody
wants to destroy the Enterprise in their own creative way.

Nevertheless,I like this! Nod 

Well done!
Conlaodh's avatar
Thanks! I'm sure they'll be able to repair it - they always have. :)
JRBeeler's avatar
Starfleet keeps losing Enterprises, and they still keep extending Naval Construction Contract 1701.  Funny that.
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They're unionized workers. :)
zenitraMsj's avatar
Wow, Blue-Jay 4 did a great job, way to go Capt. Christopher.
Conlaodh's avatar
I had to look up your reference, but when I did, I realized I had just seen that episode a few months ago on Netflix. :)
DarthAssassin's avatar
Correction, "An Average Day for the Enterprise" XD

Fantastic work!!
Conlaodh's avatar
That's pretty accurate, I'd say. :) Thanks!
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Hi, I made a small animated GIF based on your awesome work.

Bad Day for The Enterprise - Animated Version by TimTaller

Hope you like it
Conlaodh's avatar
Very cool, Tim, I like it!
emann29's avatar
Love it! Love it! Love it! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Aww, thanks Esther! :) It was a fun exercise.
shibashake's avatar
Effects are very well done. 
Conlaodh's avatar
Thanks, Shiba! I thought I had fixed all the errors I made, but after posting, it occurred to me that there was something off in the lower left corner by the front of the nacelle. When I blew it up to look closer, I realized that I had messed up some of the smoke - some round brush marks are clearly visible. Very annoying. I might try fixing it sometime. Or else just leave it as a reminder to myself to check things more carefully before posting. :)
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Wow. Dang. Holy smoke!
I was gonna ask "Jepe's?" but I see you already answered that.
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Thank you! :) I used some of Ron's photoshop brushes, principally smoke brushes. The postwork was the most fun part of the project.
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Very well done! and not the first and not the last time they managed to crash her :D
Conlaodh's avatar
Thank you! And yes, they haven't run out of letters of the alphabet for her yet. :)
TheOtherThoreandan's avatar
Impressive image.  Postwork is such an important skill for high-quality 3D art and you've done a great job with it here.

As for the Enterprise, it's tough to see her in this condition.  But I'm sure Kirk and crew were all beamed out before the bridge exploded (no doubt thanks to the ultimate sacrifice of an engineering crewmember we've never seen before).
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Thank you! Yes, I'm sure that somewhere in this scene, at least one nameless red shirt has met an untimely end. :)
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