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Decided to gather people's stories about their first conlangs in a similar way to what Kaentwo did, but some steps further.

Expanding Upon An Idea: Nerdy Tabletop RPGs by T1mbuk0n3, literature

Ideas for X-Over Rps: A Refugium X-Over(or not) by T1mbuk0n3, literature

Neotect Languages by T1mbuk0n3, journal

AoS VAs and Conlangs by T1mbuk0n3, journal

Planning the Syntax(TFCaC) by T1mbuk0n3, literature

What Conlanging Is(TFCAC) by T1mbuk0n3, literature

Talking About VAs and Conlangs for Power of Water by T1mbuk0n3, journal

The Teams and Solo Students(2 courses, many demos) by T1mbuk0n3, literature

M1stTC: New Phonemes for the Language by T1mbuk0n3, literature

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Is it possible to create a table on DA?
Hello all!
Thank you for allowing me in!
It's my aim to offer a couple samples of some of what I'm (( all too-too slowly )) working on... but it might take a few weeks to even a couple months...
I would ONLY appreciative of any commentary, but especially constructive criticism and any subsequent, critical questions....

Again:: Truly, Thank you for letting me join!
Does anyone here know if there is a dictionary on ancient languages?  And if they are, do you use them as inspiration for your conlangs?
I know of an Old Norse dictionary which is free and easy to use. However, other dead languages are commonly obscure and only known in fragments. I know for myself I have used both Latin (which I took two years of) and Old Norse as inspirations for my languages, along with other dead languages such as Gaulish or Anglo-Saxon, or living languages such as Scots Gaelic, German, French, or Russian (which I am learning). So it all depends on what you need.
W-O-W! I have been away from Deviantart for an eternity, it seems. I've just returned from the Deviantart's dead with a BRAND NEW SUPER UPDATE of my Conlang Outline. If you were, or currently are, using it, I'd highly suggest deleting it and use my new Conlang Outline instead. I didn't want to delete the original file, so I don't know how that will affect the Conlang Outline you may have faved or used.

My interest is in Exolangs and Artlangs. I'm currently attempting to create a conscript for my alien species, the Dzhrajania.