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Nergal by QuantumBranching Nergal :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 50 12 Yue by zetallis Yue :iconzetallis:zetallis 2,559 89
Oihr Lumos
Lumos ûrno, þu þai ært Heôfirhô ûn,
Þu bīcumin þim rīcea,
Su þin namon gihaƿlicod geƿurþa,
Đin ƿylla, vorþum ôn swa ist Heôfirhô ûn.
Gidægƿilike hlæf gif as todæg,
Af forgif gylten ûrnô swa ist forgifað mellôner gyltenis þuren.
Af nu gelaði þu ûs frommen blæcnir,
Af halys ust frommen yfirnô,
:iconrajalyoko23:Rajalyoko23 5 0
Anglo-Saxon Illumination by kairanie Anglo-Saxon Illumination :iconkairanie:kairanie 38 15 Pandora Flora by Chromattix Pandora Flora :iconchromattix:Chromattix 2,082 284 Dosloxoh Wehiz by juhhmi Dosloxoh Wehiz :iconjuhhmi:juhhmi 25 9 Miho by chibi-oneechan Miho :iconchibi-oneechan:chibi-oneechan 2,579 81 Abugida by TallaFerroXIV Abugida :icontallaferroxiv:TallaFerroXIV 13 24 Kwun Yam Shrine Seal Script by whitephant0m Kwun Yam Shrine Seal Script :iconwhitephant0m:whitephant0m 6 1 Poem in Seal Script by Flelir Poem in Seal Script :iconflelir:Flelir 8 0
Alen Dasolfup fo alen Der
Alen Dasolfup fo alen Der alo, dala leksi hair mal amak imai dala kodat iden.
Hamo dala tarnas, dala dem hiles tompostik mal sedo nel boder hiles nereku.
Alen Dasolfup fo alen Der akento hir hilok dal mal talor tacan tompostik on boder nereku dale, imai dala kodat iden.
Adalo alen Dasolfup hulta oli tompostik on, pedi yoder alen Dasolfup hulta ep kodat iden, tompostik on akem dak ik nereku on ep simet iden.
Alen Dasolfup modo pan tacan tompostik on boder nereku on, adalo alen Dasolfup tacan melsi.
Motu alen Der sedo sum gaiferki gaidista tompostik on ik derkodera imai dak, tompostik on alo dala tacan boder nereku on naska alen Der sedo.
Adalo alen Dasolfup fo alen Der alo dala akento hir alen Der imai dala kodat iden.
:iconk1234567890y:k1234567890y 1 0
A Translation of UDHR Article 1
Desni dal hap nel koler sedir nil lawusanim fo aladalorkai ep partos. Yer dala ala de dorpa yuwe fo dakiyup, itok dala tokso daplit sedir iki alceldaplitwel.
:iconk1234567890y:k1234567890y 1 0
A short story wirtten in a langauge created by me.
Cedordal fo Musume
Ele leham, eso hiles cedordal, cedordal on alo dala feriki, adale cedor on imai dala fesabaip. Pedil dala feriki, dala amati nel mo bulon, itok dala montak mayankowis dorkasolen on imai dak.
Ele fam, hamo cedordal on tika e cedor on imai dala, dala dem hiles musume mal wele-wele nel ko'ai-ko'ai, palka e cedor on imai dala, dala cuka oli musume on ep powas, itok dala bamfar musume on sot.
Dala suba musume on lis: "tak kat mek?"
Musume on kowis cedordal on lis: " fep feyahami."
Polo cedordal on parak musume on lir oli hiles balesit imai dala sum gail palka musume on sum samuk musume on, itok musume on kipe asot ep popla.
Cedos musume on kipe asot, dala lule cedordal on lis: "se daler gail dem kat iso top, tak kat daler sedo pala se?"
Cedordal on ekep laludekai ait imai musume on elok ikasi derano, motu dala kowis musume on lis: "ee......, ahe, se soho pala kat letewo." motu cedordal on gaiferki soho pala cedor musume.
Musume on leya nel parak cedordal on oli
:iconk1234567890y:k1234567890y 3 6
Ktarh Info
Ktarh Info
So, here I will write about the basic information concerning the Ktarh language.
Morphosyntactic Alignment: Nominative-Accusative
Head Position: Head-Final
Type: Inflectional, Derivational, Semi-Agglutinative
Genders: Three (Masculine, Feminine, Mechanoid)
Animacies: Four (Sentient, Critter, Inanimate, Dead)
Cases: Twenty-Eight
List of Cases:
Noun Numbers : Two (Singular and Plural)
Verb Tenses : Eight
List of Tenses :
1.Present Simple
2.Past Simple
3.Past Aorist
4.Pluperfect of Action
:iconrostov-na-don:Rostov-na-don 3 39
Language Template 1 by INFINITE-IDEA Language Template 1 :iconinfinite-idea:INFINITE-IDEA 11 23 Language Template 2 by INFINITE-IDEA Language Template 2 :iconinfinite-idea:INFINITE-IDEA 7 6
Although the latest entry/submission seems to be from last year, I just thought to say hi! I just recently got accepted to this group, and am new to the conlang scene, so I'm pretty excited!!

So… hi!
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Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2018
Does anyone here know if there is a dictionary on ancient languages?  And if they are, do you use them as inspiration for your conlangs?
mcmisher Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
W-O-W! I have been away from Deviantart for an eternity, it seems. I've just returned from the Deviantart's dead with a BRAND NEW SUPER UPDATE of my Conlang Outline. If you were, or currently are, using it, I'd highly suggest deleting it and use my new Conlang Outline instead. I didn't want to delete the original file, so I don't know how that will affect the Conlang Outline you may have faved or used.

My interest is in Exolangs and Artlangs. I'm currently attempting to create a conscript for my alien species, the Dzhrajania.
IndigoLucifer Featured By Owner Edited May 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I am looking for someone whom can build a language for me. Trying to make an Atlantean Language by mixing elements from Ancient Languages of the Egyptian, Hellenic, and Italic families. I want it to be a hybrid between fusional and agglutinative and I wanna use an alphabetic writing system using letters and numerals similar in appearance to Enochian/Alphabet of the Magi and have it's own punctuation marks as well.
remeslovkostce Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
Hey all,

I'm a native English speaker who is studying Czech, and have started to create a Conworld, and respective Conlangs.  My first one is Televek, and it belongs to the Televek race, who have psionic powers.  Televek is not directly based off of any one language, but has some elements that are similar to Czech, Hungarian, Spanish, English, and a few others.  It is a highly inflected language, with 8 grammatical cases (plus a 9th used in formal speech), 6 genders, and 3 plurals (2-4, 5-10,and above 10).  For those who have had experience in the construction of inflected languages, particularly languages with grammar cases and genders, please feel free to leave input and advise!  For now, I'm just developing it for the story, but would absolutely love to be able to learn and use it, maybe even among friends/family.  This is, of course, completely dependent on if I can handle how difficult I've made it lol.

logantheford Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Daran Lagana (Hello friends),

I am currently developing an original language that at least partially draws on Welsh phonology, but not too much and is otherwise completely original. An example sentence would be the following:

Bath tamano ailé anu lam elethiri

Thoughts on how it sounds?
GaloCuevas Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Féry! (Hi!)

My name is Galileo and I'm very gladI was accepted in your group guys.
I'm new in this, can anyone give me advices on my conlang? 

I have vey basic stuff now, like greetings and people.

Bistè prons! (see you soon!)
remeslovkostce Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
What's the name of it, and what type of a language is it?  Is it a fusional/inflected language, agglutinative, analitic, etc?  is it for a conworld, or personal use?  

I'm just getting started too, but am really enjoying the process.  I was told by multiple people that I should completely develop the grammar of the language before even looking at vocabulary/verbs.  That way, everything will be consistent with the grammar rules, and there won't be any flaws. 

Looking forward to hearing more!
GaloCuevas Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its name is Dreyé.
It presents a low-inflection level (like Spanish or Italian).
It is for personal use.

I left it for a while, but I'll try to keep it going soon!

Thank you for waiting and I also expect to hear about your conlang or so.  
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017
Is it legal to mix two old languages into one new one?
Nederbird Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2017
I don't think copyright covers languages, so it should be okay.
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