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Super Smash Bros.

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Published: August 7, 2006
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He's Just a Pic of The Super Smash Bros. team.
All The Characters (excluding Normal Mario, Samus, & Shiek)
and the Newly introduced ones in Brawl.

Theres Pit, Fox, Mr. Game & Watch, Wario, Yoshi, Link, Dr. Mario, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Mewtwo, DK, Bowser, Falco, Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Peach, Roy, Cap'n Falcon, Luigi, Zelda, Ness, Marth, Pikachu, Kirby, Snake, Jigglypuff, Popo, Meta Knight, Nana, Young Link, and Pichu.

Thats it I guess. Wonder Who'll Be the other Newcomers...
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TheSophieGrossiHobbyist Digital Artist
Everyone is here?
Everyone is screaming.
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RoseJigglypuff76Hobbyist General Artist
Falco: Let me out Bowser! I ain't Mario!
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The9LordHobbyist General Artist
DON'T TAKE DRUGS KIDS! :D [Dr. Mario Emote] Pill overdose 
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RedStarMaster7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
why did you exclude Normal Mario, Samus, & Shiek? =(
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SuperSmashCynderLumStudent Digital Artist
Wow! They all look so cool. ^^
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pikminfan65Student Digital Artist
newcomer:Olimar end of desscussion
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Bowserart2Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is for SSBM.
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i love how meta knight is just randomly there.
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SocioKatzHobbyist General Artist
Your character designs are simply amazing and very fresh! Great Job
imthecutest1238's avatar
Wow! Awesome job here! This looks really cool! ^_^
Ninten64Fan's avatar
Ninten64FanHobbyist Artist
Doctor mario: PILLZ HERE
Roy: URK!!
Pichu: ChU* (help!)
Captain Falcon: FALCO!!...
Ninten64Fan's avatar
Ninten64FanHobbyist Artist
:P poooor roy ^_^
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JMB94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol :)
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pollyestarHobbyist General Artist
Marth seems happy about Roy's predicament...
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Patrickc1193Student Traditional Artist
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MarcoDelMarcoHobbyist General Artist
First thought: Dr. Mario: Pills here!!!
L4D characters should totaly be in the next one! :D
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NESTQUICK1Hobbyist Artist
hahaha i lyk i lyk
JGM813's avatar
That has to be one of my top 10 games of all time. Nicely done.
Haninator's avatar
Wait... DON'T FORCE-FEED LINK PILLS! *unties Link and smacks Dr. Mario into the next dimension* Great pic! :fave:
BiggJamm's avatar
lol, I love this pic! Funny as hell :D
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