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Appears that the swedish social democrats are now siding with the music industry as well. I made a retweet of the original post, and briefly expressing my disappointment with this decision:…

This is even worse than I thought things would be going. I've heard some bad stuff about the socials as of late, and this alone just sums them all up pretty well. Whatever you do folks, whether you live in Sweden or elsewhere, DON'T, EVER, vote for the Social democrats(at least the members who'll be voting for it)!! They don't seem to be aware of the damage article 13(17) is going to cause to the internet(this will also include any fanarts and fan fictions posted on sites like deviantart and such), and even if they are, chances are that the socials now are all for the directive in its current form! This is really, really bad in my opinion!

And this is all I have to say, but I urge you to spread the word by reposting this journal on your account to make more people aware of this!

Well, what to say in this entry... I haven't been all too well recently, both mentally and emotionally. Having finally scanned in all my old drawings and stuff, looking at them all I realized I've come quite a long way since those times, but I've also come to find out how much more varied my art used to be compared to now.

In recent years it has been mainly GTS or macro drawings(mostly "fetish" ones, which I've been cutting down on a bit as of 2018 to allow myself to focus more on other things), with the occasional regular or random art every now and then.

Now that I've been drawing Earthworm Jim a bit again, I might as well have a look at my oldest EWJ comics I made during my childhood and try to remake them (in my own time of course). Obviously a lot of things would need to be redone. I might keep some panels from the original comics(not without changes though), while others will just be completely thrown out.

Some of the comics could even see themselves being completely remade from scratch, because there's some things in them that I think would no longer make sense (which is the case with the fifth issue which I'm still unsure if I'll upload here, since there's a bunch of panels in there that I now think are just... well, pretty much random and messy, and plainly just doesn't make any sense).

In comparision to the old comics I made, the comedy in the remakes will be more or less based on the TV Series, with the humor from the original two games also being used occasionally. As to when I will start working on them, it depends... I don't have as much free time anymore, and my style has radically changed over the years, so I can't just churn out page after page in such a quick manner like I used to. And by the fifth comic, things started to slow down the closer I came to try finish it, so it was already becoming apparant to me I just couldn't keep up with my old drawing style any longer. At some point your style has got to develop and evolve further, and... well, that's just what happened.

The other thing that happened was that as soon as I got interested in drawing things in Manga-style, I also came to try inventing my own characters, and since then I got more and more interested in working with my own creations, and Earthworm Jim got more pushed aside as a result, so much that I eventually had to stop drawing him.

In the meantime, I'm going to finish some old drawings of mine that I was supposed to finish years ago, but never did. There's a bunch of them that I now feel could be touched up a little, especially now that I have Paint Tool SAI at my side.

That's all for now, I think...
Quite literally actually. For days now I've been tirelessly scanning in all my old drawings and so on onto my laptop for safe keeping, because in about a week or two we're gonna have our windows replaced. I know it's got nothing with my drawings to do, but better be safe than sorry in the unlikely case they somehow get damaged or something if things need to be moved around while they're at work in our apartment.

This is also what led me to uncover all those old pics of mine, some of which I've now been uploading here after keeping them private for so many years. If I do decide to upload more old drawings of mine, then I won't be uploading all of them, but mainly those that I think could be more worthy for others to see, I suppose.

Anyhow, for the secret stories I've been talking about... I'm still working on them. Just taking the time needed to make sure I don't rush them.

I've also been drawing my Applelin OC in the style she had when I first created her, and it's fair to say that I somehow still like that style even after all these years. Applelin originally had no stripes on her tail back then, but I later fixed that so it's more obvious that she's a raccoon. I decided to re-introduce this error in my latest drawings of Applelin's original design to make it more true to how she appeared like in her earliest days.

Following applelin, what character should I draw in their original first design... maybe my Tailyna OC? Perhaps I'll do that!

And, that was all for now...
While looking at drawings I've been scanning in, I've come to notice a few drawings of my Applelin character from back when her name was still "Cherri", and it got me thinking... was the name change really for the better?

I know it's too late for me to try change it back now, because that name now fully belong to the Cherri T Squirrelmunk character(I had to give up the "Cherri" name in 2012, remember?). But I feel that ever since I came to change her name, in some way I've also come to change the character to try and differentiate Applelin from Cherri.

Now I'm asking myself this question; did I kinda mess her up in the process? To me it feels like I did, and for quite a long time I often depicted her as sad or depressed, or just simply calm and quiet(she mostly stayed in her house, and had barely showed her old traits ever since). While I can't blame the name change for all this, I'm aware it may have had an indirect effect on some of Applelin's old traits gradually being stripped away. Either that, or maybe I'm growing older and just simply thinking differently about my creations now.

I'm not sure if ever I'll change the name of my Applelin character again. I've been thinking about it from time to time if I should rename the character, but if I do decide to, what should the new name be? "Cherri" is now no longer applicable, and I can't give her the name "Berri" because it would more than likely conflict with the character from the Conker Series. Basically, anything resembling the name for the Cherri T Squirrelmunk OC would probably not be ok for me to use. I also don't wanna use more common female names, so... I'm out of options there...

Or maybe I should just forget about it and keep the current "Applelin" name. In retrospect, it actually kinda suits her, what with her odd association with apples and so on. One thing I can feel content with though, is that her old name will live on with my older sketches of the character from before august/september 2012. Many of them are so old now that I'm reluctant to modify them just to change some character name.

She's also been given an alternate style by now, so I suppose all good and old things eventually have to end. I'll still keep her old dress though along with her new outfit, since I sometimes have her swap between the two.

The reason I gave Applelin a new outfit was to try make her hips more visibly defined, which is something a dress simply can't show... or does it? I don't know there. Guess I'll have to try drawing hips on Applelin while she wears her old dress at some point and see how it looks.

I might also try to draw my Applelin OC more like how she appeared in those older sketches of mine more often from now on... you know, to try and relieve my past years a bit, and get a better feeling for how she used to be like in those days.
(A little note before I start; no, I'm not really in the mood for hacking video games. I wanna spend more time on my own stuff, like submitting drawings, stories, and so on. I'm not much of a social guy either, and I often feel the need to be for myself most of the time, so don't count on me always staying in touch. More over, I'm also pretty shy of myself.)

It sure has been a while, hasn't it. Well, to make up for my absense I'll be uploading some new stuff, including the new Calimero GTS stories I've already written but never submitted here.

Anyhow, in recent times I've been having a growing reluctance towards writing sequels to any of my previous GTS stories. I don't know about those who have read my stories before, whether they would like to see sequels to them. Unlike most authors, I tend to not write any sequels to my stories, and I've sorta developed a no-sequels rule of mine as a result.

But is it wrong of me to always have this kind of stance all the time? I mean, even if I'm not entirely opposed to writing a sequel, I wouldn't see myself working on one. The simple fact is that each story I write are always intended to be a complete piece of work, and also because I believe that for a sequel to happen, it has to offer a lot more than the previous story, and even be able to top it. Lastly, would it even be worth my time?

The reason I'm bringing this up is because while browsing the VG/AC GTS sites I tend to notice that alot of stories are sequels to previous ones. Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with sequels, and they might even be fairly good. But sometimes whenever I see stories with numbers on them like "2", "3", "4", and so on, it leads me to assume that they all either pick off where the last story ended, or that they focus on the same topic, only with some differences or more maybe.

I wouldn't be the one who does these kind of stories though. For each new story of mine I always try to come up with something entirely new(which I do believe you all also do), something that doesn't pick off where the last story ended. That's the way I choose to roll though.

Anyway, I'm meaning no offence to those who writes sequels. If you enjoy doing them, I won't be stopping you. It's just that I sometimes become so tired of seeing stories with a leading number on them all the time, and that's my own personal issue.

I know that one of my first GTS stories had the working title of "Minnie Takes Care of Pluto 2: GTS Edition", but that story was intended as a sequel to an already existing episode of the Mickey Mouse Works series, and it even borrowed a few scenes from that episode. I may do a remake of this story though, only replacing Pluto with Mickey, and have it play out completely different to Devil Pluto's Revenge. But that's a story I'll be saving for another time.

Right now I'm working on 2 secret stories of mine. What series they will be based on will be revealed after the stories have been submitted to VG/AC GTS World. One thing I can say about them is that the both of them will more than likely be a "once in a lifetime" thing, and I maybe won't be doing more stories for those particular series, sequels or otherwise. Other than that though, I hope that they will be turning out great in the end.

And that's all for now, I guess.
Over a day have gone, and my tumblr is still available online, and even then it's been mentioned here and there via reblogs and such. Guess it's managed to fall under the radar, or maybe the time will come one day when my tumblr finally gets flagged... who knows when that time will be though.

Anyway, since apparantly nobody seems to care about the newer stories I've written so far or anything I do these days(even though they're almost nowhere like "The Wario Disaster" series), I'll just bring up something a little more important;

I've been reminded about the times when I used to love drawing the mighty earthworm superhero. It sorta came back to me again when I was looking at some really old stuff I drew, mainly comics I did in my early childhood, and it really got me thinking; maybe it's time for me to return to draw him again.

The true reason I stopped drawing EWJ is; I was basically running out of ideas over what to do with the character next. Another thing that played a part in that decision was that I started creating my own characters when I turned around 13-14, and as a result my focus on EWJ got pushed aside all the more.

My focus on EWJ lessened after 2007, and since then I barely even drew Jim anymore. The last art I did of him before I stopped was in 2012, at which point I decided to put him aside and focus on different things. It would take me years before I would even think about the character again.

This year however I made two new sketches of the character. This, along with having gone through all the old comics and drawings that I made back when I was very young, maybe there's the possibility that I'll be returning to draw EWJ again, maybe even making new comics.

Only thing holding me back is; How should I portray him in my newer works from now on? If anything, I don't think the way I used to portray him in my younger days would sit well with old-time EWJ fans. Then again, I was fairly young, and at the time I didn't really mind much over what others thought about the stuff I did.

Another thing that makes it unlikely for me to focus on the character full-time are of course the original characters I've created over the years. Back when I was drawing EWJ I didn't really have the ability to think up any original characters of mine. That was only made possible when I started to really try out inventing my own OCs. Since then working on and creating my own characters was what has mostly mattered to me, along with other kinds of things. I'll try to draw Jim more often from now on though and see where it'll all lead to...
Well, not much has really been going on from my side as of late. Recently finished writing on the first set of stories for my Wario bros & Maya the Bee series. From this point on I will focus on translating the stories written so far into english(and eventually change them so they read more like traditional text-based stories). They can be found on this page on my personal site.

Initially I wanted this new set of stories to differ from an earlier series of mine, "The Wario Show", but I suppose it ended up a little too similar to it anyway. The biggest contributor to that seems to be the writing style I first used for my earlier series. At first I thought about reusing it for these new stories of mine. Turns out it was a pretty bad decision...

For the 2nd series onwards however, I will be dropping most of what made (and apparantly even plagued) "The Wario Show" Series, and the so called "speech script for characters" format originally used by The Wario Show will also be replaced with a more traditional storytelling format, mostly due to concerns that my new series might not be differentiated enough from "The Wario Show".

I've now also come to the realization that my previous text-based creation was nothing but a utter failure from the start, and they were perhaps not even remotely funny or enjoyable according to a close friend of mine (and here I thought something even earlier of mine, The Awful Shitchurch, was even worse compared to The Wario Show...). Ah well, all that thinking, ideas and so on for absolutely nothing I suppose. A total waste of several years that could've been better spent on writing something else. A complete failure... one thing I did learn from it though, was to get better at and improve on my own writing skills, and I still stand by it.

Having learned of this, I'm now ready to make changes to the newer stories I'll be working on, the writing format being the most obvious one. It'll be subtle at the start, but as series 2 progress the differences and changes may, or WILL become more apparent. No longer will the "Wb&MTB" series be following in the footsteps of the "The Wario Disaster" series.

Anyway, as for something else; Tumblr's ToS changes regarding "adult content" may be going into effect pretty soon. The ban on "NSFW" content is not what concerns me, the issue that has me more worried is how even innocent content could get flagged or even taken down by mistake. Remember the "Safe mode" fiasco Tumblr started last year? I do, and I don't remember it very fondly. Some of my then-newer posts would be flagged as "NSFW" without reason, but doing a manual review got them unflagged, and since then the issue gradually disappeared.

Now, as for this new scheme Tumblr is doing(or Verizon in this case, since they're now the ones owning the Tumblr service to my knowledge), I don't think things are going to be as lucky this time. Maybe my blog will remain, or the newly installed bots will have it flagged and taken down.

I'm going to make the move anyway despite this. I rarely use Tumblr that much, and seeing the site going worse and worse over time, I'm more than ready to call it quits now. I have all the Game Maker project related info from my posts backed up anyway, so I don't feel like I'm losing anything in the case my blog gets accidentally taken down.

None the less, now may be the time for me to really consider which other sites I'm gonna move myself to. The sites I'm currently (and still) thinking of are Pixiv and Inkbunny. Furaffinity may not be an option, because according to my friend there were some serious issues with security and such on that site. Don't know of any other sites myself which are art-centric, or similar to deviantArt...

Anyhow, might as well even get back into writing GTS stories again. I currently have a new Calimero story whose plot I've got quite a bit into before I put it on hold. After I finish writing down the main plot I'll be working on writing the story. I also finished a previous Calimero story earlier this year. I have yet to proof read it for spelling or grammatical errors, but I hope to get around to it at some point.
Well, quite a bit actually... I've got a a number videos to do and upload on my YT channel, maybe posting some GTS stories on here that I've finished writing on earlier but didn't get up here, and some more concept stuff related to my Game Maker games. 

Other than that though, I've been quite down in my mood as of late... Maybe it has with this particular season of the year or something... but one thing is for sure; I'm gonna take a bit of an break from doing GTS drawings, because I really want to focus on my own stuff, including ideas and/or concepts for any future projects I'm thinking about making.

I've begun drawing out the gameplay concept for one of the new minigames for Kazooa in The Treasure Land V2.0. So far I've been in wonder over the perspective of the minigame, mainly whether it should be top-down or sidescrolling of sorts. Top down would probably work better, but... I'm still a bit undecided there. I'll think about it some more though.

I'm also about to pick up my Kazooa's Woods game project again. This game I intend to be my last Game Maker project, basically. The reason for that is simple; I've been using Game Maker for over 10 years now, and while I've learnt a number of important(and less important) things about game design along the way, I feel that what I've learned during this time may be better utilized elsewhere, outside the barriers of the PC world. I still intend on finishing my other recent Game Maker projects(The Treasure Land V2.0 and Crower VS The Time V1.7) despite this.

After this game is done I'll be moving to programming homebrew games for videogame consoles, namely the Nintendo 64. Since I'm still waiting for better libraries and tools for aiding development of homebrew software, I'll be tinkering a ittle with Game Boy(DMG) programming and see if I can pull off some small project on it.

Other stuff... well, I may be uploading a new pic or so. Just don't expect any massive posting like I did from august to september this year. I'm running out of old game material of mine to post basically, at least when it comes to 3D models and artwork.
Over 4 days gone, and already I've managed to make more changes for the 2.0 version of Kazooa in The Treasure Land. Current list so far:

1. Add a endgame after defeating a boss where the player can earn more coins and treasure(should make getting 99999 coins less of a chore)
2. Fix up some of the game text.
3. Fix any remaining bugs that I’ve missed or simply left in the game.
4. Add the previously planned scene to the end of the 2nd stage of world 2 where Kazooa spots a Dumb-Crow and makes use of him as a flying vehicle.
5. Implement the scrapped minigames, or make new ones to finally have 8 minigames as originally intended.
6. Implement a way to skip the money and treasure countdown at the score tally screen.
7. Instantly freeze the level timer after defeating the last enemy, and make player invincible when that happens.
8. Implement counters showing how many enemies still have to be defeated.
9. Add more things to unlock for more lasting appeal.
10. Implement a proper pause menu.
11. Make it so hidden paths are revealed after the breakable wall is destroyed rather than simply spawn some rock debris.
12. Add a way to more quickly skip to the episode title card screen after selecting a episode.
13. Shift the camera upwards in the final boss so the boss is always in full view.
14. Make some additional Kazooa sprites for the Blooper cutscenes.
15. Fix some of the dialogue timings in the Blooper cutscenes.
16. Change the timing for the laughter track in the Blooper cutscenes.
17. Fix the best ending cutscene not being skipable bug.

The end-of-world minigame is now done. Probably still some balancing needing to be done, particularly the enemies that may fall. I could either limit how many of them may be allowed to spawn at once, or maybe alter their behavior a little when under 20 seconds. I may go for the former though if possible.

At the moment the minigame will appear at random, and it may or may not always be encountered. I'm still undecided on whether I should change this to make it appear more often. Maybe I'll come to a final decision later on...

Other changes include fixing up the game cutscenes, mainly the timings for when the characters switches frames. Additional character frames that previously weren't there, most notably the Uncle-John character. Minor polish to some of the graphics, and many other small changes.

With the endgame now done, I'll be focusing on the new minigames. One of them will involve Kazooa and Uncle John duking it out on a grassy field, with Uncle John driving on a tractor mower, while Kazooa is sitting on top of a lawn mower. The goal of this minigame, and its gameplay I have yet to think through, but I'll try and plan it out on paper first before I go ahead to work on it.

One of the other minigames will see Kazooa and Uncle John challenging each other to some kind of duel, either boxing or something else. Probably boxing. Its gameplay is going to be fairly simple though, so there won't be any complex patterns or so to remember.

Sample screens:
Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic1 by ConkerGuru  Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic2 by ConkerGuru  Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic3 by ConkerGuru  Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic4 by ConkerGuru

Will be uploading more game dev stuff when I can and have time for it, as well as any new drawings I've made recently.

Only a month since I started becoming more active here again, and already I've uploaded lots of pics.

I may be running out of drawings to upload, but there's still more game dev stuff of mine to get up here, and already I've found a few more concept artworks for some of my games. I'll keep hunting through my files and sketches to see if there's anything more I've forgot about.

After I'm done uploading the majority of my concept stuff, I'll resume working on my 2.0 update of Kazooa in The Treasure Land, which attempts to solve a couple issues that I've found recently, fixing bugs that I missed when I first finished work on the game(and also just left in the game because I couldn't figure out how to fix them at the time), optimize the objects code to not be so bloated, and add some new things here and there.

Below is the current roadmap for the 2.0 version of the game:

1. Add a endgame after defeating a boss where the player can earn more coins and treasure(should make getting 99999 coins less of a chore) < Partly done
2. Fix up some of the game text.
3. Fix any remaining bugs that I’ve missed or simply left in the game.
4. Add the previously planned scene to the end of the 2nd stage of world 2 where Kazooa spots a Dumb-Crow and makes use of him as a flying vehicle.
5. Implement the scrapped minigames, or make new ones to finally have 8 minigames as originally intended.
6. Implement a way to skip the money and treasure countdown at the score tally screen.
7. Instantly freeze the level timer after defeating the last enemy, and make player invincible when that happens.
8. Implement counters showing how many enemies still have to be defeated.
9. Add more things to unlock for more lasting appeal.
10. Implement a proper pause menu.
11. Make it so hidden paths are revealed after the breakable wall is destroyed rather than simply spawn some rock debris.
12. Add a way to more quickly skip to the episode title card screen after selecting a episode.
13. Shift the camera upwards in the final boss so the boss is always in full view.
14. Make some additional Kazooa sprites for the Blooper cutscenes.
15. Fix some of the dialogue timings in the Blooper cutscenes.
16. Change the timing for the laughter track in the Blooper cutscenes.
17. Fix the best ending cutscene not being skipable bug.

Quite many of the things on the list have already been done. There's still a number of tasks left for me to complete, but I hope to release the 2.0 version at some point.

This is just a little side project I'm doing for fun, and who knows, maybe this will be the last revision of the game I'll ever do.

I also have another project going on, and this sort of project is a much bigger one than the 2.0 version of Kazooa in The Treasure Land. It is basically an major update of the original game. I found a lot of issues with the original one I now feel I may be able to fix. The game I'm talking about is this one:

I've already made lots of changes to the new version of this game, both graphically and such. Below is a comparision for one of the parts that's been changed:

I'm hoping to put together a video showing the V1.7 version, along with all the changes made in the near future when I have got some more work done to it.

And that's all for this update, I think. (just hoping the html image embed works on this site...)

You may have noticed me uploading loads of concept art and pics of 3D models as of late. I'd just wanna clarify that these artworks and so on represents ideas I had for my games, and they're all from my old days of messing around and making things with Game Maker. I didn't make these pics just recently, nor is it GTS or macrophilia content of any kind. They're simply concepts for things I was gonna use in these old games of mine, and some of them didn't even get used.

I've basically come to a point in my life where I feel I just HAVE to show all the other stuff I've done besides GTS drawings and such. I've been keeping most of it all to myself for many years, but now it just simply has to get out there. I'm well aware that sooner or later I'm gonna forget the details I once had on mind for my stuff. The sooner I get to it however, the less likely the possibility will be that this information may be lost due to fading memory.

The one guy I have to thank for that inspired me to do this, is none other than Jon Burton's GameHut channel on Youtube:…

Lots of interesting stuff over on there, including prototype footage of video games developed by Travellers Tales(or TT Games), and videos detailing various coding tricks used to squeeze out more of early game consoles like the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn. If you're the very least curious, I'd suggest checking out his channel. His content has inspired me to do videos of my own games, which also includes prototype versions and cancelled games, and not to mention taking greater care of my own assets from now on.

Anyhow, I may upload some new drawings soon. Just need to get some more concept stuff up first though.

To tell the truth, I haven't really been away from my laptop for over a week. It was harder than I thought to stick to that sort of decision. None the less, I haven't been online very much though.

Despite that, I'm basically fine. Most of my time had been spent on playing Smash Bros. Brawl on my Wii(and mostly watching all the old replays I made from back in 2009-2010), attempting to write more on my stories, and finishing some of my newer pics.

Just today though, I've been taking a look at my old website files that I originally made in MS Word (only using GreenBrowser, which still renders these documents correctly), and it's fair of me to say I've come a long way since then. I also found files for other websites of mine that never came to be. The fact I still have them after all these years, is just... well, unbelievable to myself.

Anyway, I'll be uploading some new stuff soon. Game development stuff will be coming first, then the new drawings.

Well, I basically HAVE to, because something upsetting happened this morning. This has me more than concerned about my own future.

I've been repeatedly been putting aside goals in real life that I should have focused on in the first place. Several things are a cause of this, but it is mostly my own fault for things having gone this way.

In order to be able to get my life together again, and to be able to take on everyday tasks, I have to force myself to literally stay away from my own computer. This also includes putting aside my current projects, and in worst case maybe even cancel them altogether.

So for about a week or longer I will be going offline. When I will be coming back I don't know. Maybe not in a very long time even.

Anyway... see you whenever I may be able to return...

For the new Nintendo 64 homebrew development libraries and tools basically. Even though there's been small public updates to the libdragon toolchain, it's still not enough for it to be that much useful for more serious software development.

As for my adventures in programming Nintendo 64 homebrew, I'm still doing experiments every now and then, my latest attempt being to add .ogg playback support using libogg. I'll use it mainly for playing speech clips with, just like Conker uses MP3 for speech playback. I've got a couple speech clips from Conker's Bad Fur Day and Crash Twinsanity to test it with.

While I've got the libogg library to compile with the ROM, I can't seem to play back a .ogg sample; the ROM just hangs whenever a sample are about to play. I might be doing it wrong somewhere, but I can't figure out where and how to solve this.

As for that homebrew game I mentioned back in may 2017, I decided it just wasn't worth my time to make, and the rather limited nature of libdragon forced me to not pursue it any further.

One day I may migrate to n64chain for certain benefits like multithreading and using the RSP, but not until the needed updates have been made to that toolchain.

Aside from that, I've got more pics coming. Apparantly I have done alot of art in the past year, and as of recently I've drawn even more stuff which I will be lining and coloring. So much to do and yet so little time for it due to other things taking up my time or distracting me...

Well, I've been doing some videos on my youtube channel in recent times where I play games I've made, providing text-based commentary regarding my thoughts or opinions about certain elements in them, and what got cut or changed during development.

Well, I'm now planning on doing more of those. As for the next game I'll be doing, that would have to be Kazooa's Bad Strange Day. That particular game project of mine had a bit of a strange development period, and along with the last build and earlier prototypes of it, I think making videos of these could provide some more insight on all the ideas I originally had on mind for it, and also help me remember things I've kinda forgotten about by now.

Right now though I just uploaded an re-made video of demo 0.8 of Kazooa in The Treasure Land: 
There's loads of differences in it compared to later and final versions, and so far this is one of the only few builds of the game that makes me feel nolstagic for some reason.

As for anything else, I'm gonna start upload more of my usual drawings by now. Kinda missed doing that really...

  • Watching: GameHut (Jon Burton) videos on Youtube
Yep, I've just started uploading pictures of stuff I did for most of my past game maker games. This mainly includes 3D models and concept artwork, all showing various ideas I had on mind for my games.

I've also found a few models that are slightly different to the ones that eventually got used. So far the only model I found to be different to its final version are mostly a texture difference, the rest of the other models are mainly work-in-progress versions of the final models.

I will still be uploading the art I usually do, but I thought I do this alongside uploading renders of my 3D models and concept art. My concept artwork may not exactly look like concept art, but they are none the less showing ideas that I was thinking of at the time.

  • Watching: GameHut (Jon Burton) videos on Youtube
It's been a fairly long time since I've really done anything with this account, and with no other places to head for, and pretty much due to the fact that Tumblr seems pretty deserted from at least my side, I'm considering returning again.

In fact, I've been doing much artwork over the past year, and I might start posting some art here soon. Do note that I've reshaped my focus quite alot since last year, so I won't be doing much in any way of "fetish" oriented GTS art like I did back then. My newest submissions will mostly be (somewhat) normal artworks, as well as GTS art that's more or less suitable for all audiences. I might even post some stuff I did for my past game projects, like picture renders of 3D models, and concept artwork for games or ideas that made it, or never got pursued any further.

Only thing I'm a bit sick of seeing on this account is my old username. I wish there were some sort of option for users to let them change their username(s) once at their own will, but the way the current system of changing your name is like really deters me from even bothering. I don't really have the cash to do so, and even if I did it would all go towards bills and other RL neccessities.

Either way, I hope you guys are having a great day or night, and I really hope to upload some new stuff soon.

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Well, where to start... as some of you may know I've been gone for quite some time now, the intention being to leave the site behind me while looking for different places to go to.

Anyhow, after learning of a certain new user here of suspicious nature, I now see the difficulty of choosing either side returning to me again. I really don't feel good about this to be honest. One part of me wants to go for the Inkbunny community while the other part of me wants me to start up a new account here.

If I do choose to start a new account on this site, I will be deciding which of my older art will be reposted again, while all the other ones on this account will simply either be left as is, or put into the vault. Reason for this is I want to make major changes to my approach and focus when it comes to certain subjects, and there are a number of things on this account that I no longer feel too proud over to be known for. Moreover, the "ConkerGuru" I've been increasingly feeling to be quite misleading, because my focus has changed since the day I first joined.

Anyway, I haven't yet decided on the matter, and it could take me a long time to come to a decision.

And that's all for now. Hope you're all having a good day, or whatever.

(Edit: turns out it was just someone who wanted a picture to be removed from my Conker website. I feel awful now for even thinking he was some kind of suspicious type...)
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This isn't me returning to da, but more a message just to try to clear some things up, because I feel there must be something I wrote that had likely been misunderstood badly.

1. When I said I was going to leave this place, I didn't mean it like I was going to dump one of my friends that I've known since the old days of school. I basically meant that I felt the time had come for me to leave this place, because... for quite a long time, I have been trying to leave, but always found myself coming back, like being attracted to the place like a magnet or sponge. I guess it's just the fact that I've been so much used to being here, and it has been very difficult for me to pull this movement off.

2. I once said earlier that if I were to leave deviantart, I would be missing "Hanachronicler and his wonderful, mostly SFW art". I guess I was being too vague about it, and one of my friends likely read too far into it and assumed I didn't mind him at all or that I favored that other artist more than him. I really regret writing it like that, and I wish I could have formulated it better. Ah well, done is done, and there's nothing much I can do about that now.

Anyway, I'm not gonna go any further or deeper from here on. Right now, I'll just take myself a seat and let all my emotions out...

(might delete this journal later at any point, if any issues should arise from this thing even being here.)
Just as the title says basically.

Well, reason is because I've been doing quite a number of things outside of the internet as of late. And in the middle of it I also got sick(running nose and so on), so I haven't been able to draw as much as I'd like to, nor even return here.

It has gone almost two months since that thing happened, and during that time I've been uploading pic after pic, waiting for those users that told me to "Stop!" to comment on any of my later pics. So far I haven't heard anything from them again, but I still worry that one of them may take notice of my newest stuff again in the future, even if it may not be entirely fetish-related (which I'm constantly trying to back away from by now).

Anyhow, moving on from that. I've also done a fair bit of homebrew programming for the nintendo 64 as of late. However, the ambitions for my project has evolved into more than just a simple homebrew app or demo, and I now wanna make a full game for the N64. It isn't anything big though, just a horizontal scrolling shooter similar to Air Zonk for the Turbografx/Pc-Engine, what with its open playfield without any terrain to fly through, and the cartoonish graphics.

I can't fully say anything about it for now, other than the fact that programming for the Nintendo 64 is an absolute hell hole, and I also have to take the console's limitations into account when developing this project of mine.

One thing I'm considering to help improve performance is to try implement a basic music playback library(.midi or .mus would be the only supported format, with a instrument soundbank loaded to a static place in RAM on boot), and a way to play raw sound effects. libmikmod is a bit of a drain on the resources right now, mainly because libdragon(the main library I use to develop this game with) does not support multi-threading. Either way, I'll see if I can figure out ways to make my project perform more efficiently on the N64 (and somehow lock the framerate to 25/30 fps).

Moving on... I got a couple more drawings to start working on by now, and the stories that I said I would do but just haven't found the time for.

And with that... au revoir!
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