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Ranatan artwork(Kazooa's Woods)
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Some new reference artwork for the Ranatan character from the old Kerokko Demetan anime, who will be playing the role of Birdo(Wario's Woods).

I've been holding off from posting this until I'd get all the old game development stuff uploaded, but since there will in a matter of time be almost no more of it left to show, I thought I better get this one up by now. 

Initially I had it set for Jasmine from the Lazy Lucy Series to appear in Kazooa's Woods, but there was something about her ingame sprites that looked a bit... well, odd to me. So for the next prototype version of the game I'll be replacing her with Ranatan... you know, to further reinforce the whole "things being completely misfit and out of place" feeling of Wario's Woods.

Kazooa's Woods is intended to be my swan song, meaning the last game title to be developed with the Game Maker program. After this game I may very well retire myself from using that program, at least when it comes to making games. This doesn't include my updated versions of Crower VS the Time and Kazooa in The Treasure Land, since I'm doing those mostly for fun, and I feel that they could see some changes and fixes here and there.

Who knows, when I get this game done, and as N64 homebrew development libraries start to mature and become more usable, I'll consider porting this game to the Nintendo 64 as well. The code obviously would need to be rewritten from scratch, since there's hardly any tools available to aid in the creation of homebrew games for the platform that doesn't depend on the official, but illegal Nintendo 64 SDK.

Ranatan (c) Tatsunoko Productions
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