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Over 4 days gone, and already I've managed to make more changes for the 2.0 version of Kazooa in The Treasure Land. Current list so far:

1. Add a endgame after defeating a boss where the player can earn more coins and treasure(should make getting 99999 coins less of a chore)
2. Fix up some of the game text.
3. Fix any remaining bugs that I’ve missed or simply left in the game.
4. Add the previously planned scene to the end of the 2nd stage of world 2 where Kazooa spots a Dumb-Crow and makes use of him as a flying vehicle.
5. Implement the scrapped minigames, or make new ones to finally have 8 minigames as originally intended.
6. Implement a way to skip the money and treasure countdown at the score tally screen.
7. Instantly freeze the level timer after defeating the last enemy, and make player invincible when that happens.
8. Implement counters showing how many enemies still have to be defeated.
9. Add more things to unlock for more lasting appeal.
10. Implement a proper pause menu.
11. Make it so hidden paths are revealed after the breakable wall is destroyed rather than simply spawn some rock debris.
12. Add a way to more quickly skip to the episode title card screen after selecting a episode.
13. Shift the camera upwards in the final boss so the boss is always in full view.
14. Make some additional Kazooa sprites for the Blooper cutscenes.
15. Fix some of the dialogue timings in the Blooper cutscenes.
16. Change the timing for the laughter track in the Blooper cutscenes.
17. Fix the best ending cutscene not being skipable bug.

The end-of-world minigame is now done. Probably still some balancing needing to be done, particularly the enemies that may fall. I could either limit how many of them may be allowed to spawn at once, or maybe alter their behavior a little when under 20 seconds. I may go for the former though if possible.

At the moment the minigame will appear at random, and it may or may not always be encountered. I'm still undecided on whether I should change this to make it appear more often. Maybe I'll come to a final decision later on...

Other changes include fixing up the game cutscenes, mainly the timings for when the characters switches frames. Additional character frames that previously weren't there, most notably the Uncle-John character. Minor polish to some of the graphics, and many other small changes.

With the endgame now done, I'll be focusing on the new minigames. One of them will involve Kazooa and Uncle John duking it out on a grassy field, with Uncle John driving on a tractor mower, while Kazooa is sitting on top of a lawn mower. The goal of this minigame, and its gameplay I have yet to think through, but I'll try and plan it out on paper first before I go ahead to work on it.

One of the other minigames will see Kazooa and Uncle John challenging each other to some kind of duel, either boxing or something else. Probably boxing. Its gameplay is going to be fairly simple though, so there won't be any complex patterns or so to remember.

Sample screens:
Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic1 by ConkerGuru  Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic2 by ConkerGuru  Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic3 by ConkerGuru  Kazooa In The Treasure Land V2.0 pic4 by ConkerGuru

Will be uploading more game dev stuff when I can and have time for it, as well as any new drawings I've made recently.



Artist | Varied
Just a bit of a shy person who likes to draw, drawing female characters from obscure media and games of my interest, amongst other things.

I do have a bit of an interest in giant girls(mostly fictional ones, maybe even obscure ones, or ones that are just plain underutilized by other artists).

Besides giantess stuff, I do like drawing other things as well(either ideas or my own characters). I'm also playing video games in my spare time.

Nowadays I refer to myself as "LucybonesSquirrel"(which is now the name seen on my newer art), because I no longer want to be referred as some sort of "guru", plus that Conker isn't the only thing I do. And seeing that similar names already exist online, I decided to pick a new username that's more unique to me, and one that nobody else has(hopefully). My username here is still "ConkerGuru" despite this, but I'm planning on getting my username changed someday.

I've recently started uploading pictures of my artworks and 3D models I made for my old game projects. In case you'd like to have a quick look at them at some point, here's the links to the folders for the games they belong to:

Kazooa's Bad Strange Day Artwork and 3D models
Applelin - Canvas Terror Artworks
Kazooa in The Treasure Land Artwork and Models
Project Lucie
Applelin's Adventures
Kazooa the Phantom Thief
Weirdo's Forest
Concept art and stuff for other games

Art status:
Comissions: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed

I no longer do requests, so please don't ask me about it. Only exceptions I may make is if the idea really interests me, and if it's something I'm familiar with. Other than that, it's pretty much no-no.

Some of my best (and closest) friends:

:iconw-64: :iconconkanat:

My Conker's Homeland website:


Pleading for her comeback
After years of being restricted to reruns on TV all the time, Lucy resorts to plead to Millimages for her BIG comeback.

Haven't really been much in the mood as of late to make any new GTS drawings, but I will try to from now on, even if some of my newer art will be a bit more... well, sadder than usual.

The thing is, I've been progressively distancing myself from doing any more content that are fetish-y in nature. The more I look back on my early gts drawings(mostly the ones featuring Lucy's mother) for this cartoon, the more I realize I've been leading myself in the wrong direction all the time. Requests stretching back to 2014 are partly to blame for this as well. There's also the incident from last year that really ticked me off(journal entry I wrote back then for reference:…), even though I now admit that hadn't I posted the pic mentioned in that journal in the first place, then maybe none of that would've ever happened. I still won't forgive those two users though despite this.

With that said, with this series I think I'm now all done doing the fetish variant of GTS art. Even if I still think about it from time to time, I simply just don't feel like doing it. I either end up doing some other kind of drawing(Non-Lazy Lucy GTS or otherwise), or just don't draw anything at all. It's almost like I no longer want to mess with this series the way I did earlier...

Lucy (c) Millimages
Art by me.
Toe sandcastle
Jasmine decided to make herself taller while on the beach to get a clearer view of the horizon. However, it seems her friend Lucy has found herself the perfect spot to build her sand castle on, and it's not on the sand apparantly...

Lucy, Jasmine (c) Millimages
Art by me.
Drying her hair
Just a drawing of GTS Jasmine drying her hair after taking a swim in the ocean. Why there is a small boat nearby? ... well, I just felt throwing it in there to show some sort of size difference.

Jasmine (c) Millimages
Art by me.
The 3D model of the speaker sprite used in the "Sound Test" screens of Crower VS The Time.

.3DC file last modified date: 20/11/2006 21:26
You ain't going anywhere
King-Dumb-Crow are planning to do his usual evil schemes again(what schemes that would be is anyone's guess), only to be greeted by an oversized raccoon girl named Tailyna, and it doesn't seem like she's going to let him get away with his stuff.

King-Dumb-Crow and Tailyna characters created and owned by me.

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I have some giant characters as well.

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I just stop by here again recently since I was last here about a few years ago only to find out he wasn't here for a loooooooong time!

I wanted to ask him some questions regarding Conker stuff. Hopefully, he might be able to send me some Conker models and maybe more unseen stuff!
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Sorry for taking so long to respond. I took a long break from this site so I could get my thoughts together again.

I'm watching the french dub of the Calimero 1992 series, because I find the voice acting for most characters, like Priscilla and so on, to be much better in that version.

That's also why I'm using the characters' non english names in my stories and artwork. One example is Peter Duck; I personally didn't find his english name as good, so I simply went for using the "Pierrot" name to refer to the character instead. "Valeriano" I also think sounds better than "Giuliano", but that's just me I guess.
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