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Its been ages since I last visited DA. I'll probably continue to stay away in coming months as well. Hold back all your comments, I'll be back someday ;)
Wish you all a very happy new year!  :)

:party: Have a nice time partying, folks!

:meditate: Lets hope for a better year - no tsunamis, no earthquakes, no wars, less terrorism...  :sun: :float:
Its been exactly 6 months after college, and I've been missing out on lots of fun I used to have with friends during the college. Planned for a movie the weekend, but couldn't go :(
All I've been doing is go through GRE stuff, and learning a bit of python and XUL. Then there's the regular wikipedia stuff, which recently I stopped editing. But with all this on, I'm getting to feel that its hard to catch up with all my friends... either they've to call up or I have to... if I don't, sometimes, they too don't, and I don't like to sms/message too much. ah, its been a dull time.


caught up with some South park comedy episodes at my friend's place. It was some hilarious entertainement. ;)


Links for the day
Keyhole - bought recently by google, is a nice software. lets you look up 3D maps.

Creating walk cycles (animation)

For more links, though, visit my new link blog :)
#Google Suggest

#Cow story

#who's got the long chain of beer cups?

#Project minimo

For more links, though, visit my new link blog :)
No updates from my side for a while... lots of things have happened from then...

* Our dear friend Swaroop says he sighted UFOs, (by gaud, I too should've sighted them... I missed it! :) )
* My Dear sister, mythili is now on DA, posting all the experimenting she's been doing after almost 8 years of no art, at all.
* Firefox 1.0 released.
* MSN beta search launched.
* Yasser Arafat died. Sounds like he was a great man...  poor palestinians, hope they'll get someone atleast close to the likes of yasser arafat again.
* Kanchi Shankaracharya arrested for alleged murder.

and here I am, still likely to stay busy for the rest of this month, occupied with something or the other.
Happy Dasara to all of you!  Enjoy the holiday & festivities. :)

I'm back to my old avatar of :iconconjurer:.  But hey, the photo's moved to my deviantid ;)  Think thats the way it should be.  

Haven't had much time to spend on DA, lately. So, here's this truncated post. Keep visitng and stay in touch. :hug:
My elder sister is on DA, now.  She is a traditional artist by hobby and studied Visual art in CAVA, Mysore.


Dear sis, welcome to DA :)
So, all my friends who haven't seen me to the day, here's my photo:………



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Damn, too much of work is keeping me away from DA, these days. I know that all you nice buddies of mine won't forget me :)  But  haven't been able to check others' work at all :(

So, what have I been doing? the status log's here


:icongraphicalx: :iconmegaduce: :iconjoesbox: :iconvishuddha: :iconramya: :iconavinash: :iconnikip: :iconronisama: :iconrunningtrap: :iconcosmy: :iconthe-gimp: :iconswaroop: :iconakeya: :iconsub-pop: :iconavinashkr: :iconlosingmymind: :iconilluxi: :iconravennsebastian: :iconlaynapan: :iconexpressochick:

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Need Gmail account?

ok, I've just got two more invites. I remember many of you asking me for gmail invites previously... But don't remember who all had asked for it!

So, the first ones to ask me for an account, will get one each from the gmail invites I have ;)

I've got 6 more invitations! anybody needing them can leave me a message... ;)

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Have been largely occupied with work, these days.  :work:  I have not been getting to view all the deviations. :(  I'm sure I've been missing lots of good deviations. But, hey, work - study come first, ain't they?  :calvin:   

In another news, I might be buying a  subscription for myself and a close friend of mine, here, in coming week.  :floating:  So, suggest me which pack to go for... ;) And, is the print account needed?


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List of all the DA friends...  :)
I feel like a drone, all these days... with nothing solid happening in my job status. Attended wipro interview, in the week that passed. Didn't do well at all, actually. Hope to see some oppurtunities coming my way this week.
For a change, though, I re-arranged my haunting place (my room :D), just for a bit of change. Bought some books. Scanned few photos and put them on DA...
Good thing is that, I'm back to the good ol' habit of reading... lets see how the coming week goes.


I might not be submitting any morphs done under gimp or any other image manipulation programs, from now on...  I think my sketches should do good to be presented here. I've written loads of cartoons all these days. Hope to upload theM on DA pretty soon.


From now on, I shall mention how much time I took to do whatever art work I submit from now on...  maybe that would help judge the work better ;)
you people know what is it.. :D

I'll be glued to the TV set...   ;)
Confused and directionless, I dunno to where I'm heading. I've been reading a lot, these days. 'am spending very little time in front of PC.
played some games, watched cricket in the weekend. That too, was disappointing. :( what with India losing to pakistan... shame on Indian players.  :P
I'm back, after a long time, to DA... kinda lost touch with all my buddies.  
So, to get back in touch with them, here's a review of Picasa, the wonderful digital album software... ;)

Picasa - reviewed

Its already a well spread news that Google has acquired picasa.  I got a chance to download picasa's photo organizer and use it on my buddy's machine, today.  

Here's the review :-)

This wonderful sotware is available for free. What I liked the most was that even on such a low end system, the thumbanails appeared smoothly (even WinXP on that machine flickers to show thumbnails in even small folders).  More to that, the thumbnails can be resized with a slider!
Next, the datewise albums... which is just wonderful. Adding keywords to each photo is very easy, too. The editing segment has the red-eye correction, rotation, cropping and a preset image enhancement.  The search is too well made, and very easy to use. You can import pics from your digicam, scanner.

The best of all, was the slideshow... called the 'timelines'. The slideshow really is the exquisite piece in that whole software. You can add an MP3 to get it played during the slideshows. Additionally, there's a picture manager, where you can tell the software to keep a watch on your favourite folders.  Then, there are various customizations that you can do with the albums.  The whole album can be exported as a web page, making it easier to publish.  Bloggers at blogger get to add the photos to their blogs, very easily.  The images can also be shared with hello.

But, alas...  both picasa and hello are avalable only under Microsoft windows :(  

View the screenshot...
I've not checked DA pages for a while... Last two weeks, I've been upgrading myself with technical stuffs, so that I'd be comfortable with them. Its been quite a long time since I did some serious coding... so devoted some time to code a bit.

right, thats the status log. I might not be seen on DA again for a while, blame all these irregularities of life. But I'll soon be back, an' join back all my nice friends!
ah... some eventful week! I've largely stayed at home, all these days. Except for few occasions when I went to meet my friends and ended up visiting many corners of Bangalore... has made me loose a bit of sanity.

I've got couple of tests on this weekend. there might even be an interview next week if everything goes well.  Hope to come off with a good one at the end, among all the options I have...

Surprise for the week... my good ol' friend, santosh threw an unexpected phone call this morning. Its been almost 4 years since we saw each other's face!  He was a don ;) in both school and college. Very nice personality. Though we studied in different colleges, we used to be sitting in the same tutions every day, which was virtually another college for us! around 6-8 hrs of tution used to be there, each day!It was phun with all those good friends. I miss our group...
Finally, though, all of them will be gathering in Bangalore, which is nice thing to happen. All good ol' friends in Bangalore! yipeee!
okie, we got our last semester results, today. Can you believe it? I got 92%! :rofl: was surprised when I saw I got that! dunno how much this is gonna help... but, I'm happy that Engineering is over, finally! :) :w00t:
Have just been spending around the time I've.  If this goes on for a week, I'll turn a lazy guy in no time :)
damn, only if all these ambiguities weren't there...
well, I had thought of doing some artwork, unfortunately/fortunately some php work came by my way. So, am trying to get myself immersed in it :D
good time pass until the next interview... ain't it?   ;)
I've revamped few scripts I had written long back... and am working on a 'flames' script. should be up, soon. 'am spending large part of my time filling in job applications, sending resumes, etc. started a group for my friends... scanned all the old photos left to be scanned. well, thats life for all these days.. (sigh)
anyways, for technical stuff, visit my blog