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Hetalia: Canada by Das-diz Hetalia: Canada :icondas-diz:Das-diz 1,264 140
Hetalia x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
You were sleeping peacefully until you were rudely awakened by your phone ringing. You rubbed your eyes, yawned, then answered the phone.
"Mmm, hello?" You said.
"____!" America yelled into the phone.
"Al? What are you doing up at this time?!" You said, looking at the clock. It was 4:00 AM.
"Oh, I don't know! Getting ready for my party tonight and I expect you too be there!" He replied.
You knew you didn't have a choice. Last time when you didn't come, Alfred dragged you to his house.
"I don't have a choice. Fine." You agreed.
"Ok! See you at 7:00 PM!" Al said, hanging up.
You were already awake, so might as well do your morning routine. You slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. You looked in the mirror, seeing how messy your hair was. 'Why is hair so complicated!' You thought, while brushing it. After you finally finished brushing it, you brushed your teeth and washed your face. You walked out of your bathroom, almost tripping over your dog in the process. "Sorry, Dusty!" You said
:iconcrazycoco007:crazycoco007 499 175
Congo request by pikachu0205 Congo request :iconpikachu0205:pikachu0205 3 0 Dave Strider Timetable Tutorial by lunarumms Dave Strider Timetable Tutorial :iconlunarumms:lunarumms 726 22 Come hug me bro GIF by tinystalker Come hug me bro GIF :icontinystalker:tinystalker 66 20 Cosplay Props - Vriska Serket Glasses by Kamara666 Cosplay Props - Vriska Serket Glasses :iconkamara666:Kamara666 12 5 Cosplay Prop - Grimdark Rose's Thorns of Oglogoth by Kamara666 Cosplay Prop - Grimdark Rose's Thorns of Oglogoth :iconkamara666:Kamara666 23 4 .: Ouran Koukou Host Club :. by Arehandora .: Ouran Koukou Host Club :. :iconarehandora:Arehandora 33,308 3,538 Anime Munters by Go-Devil-Dante Anime Munters :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 13,686 4,816 -HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAZ- by Innocent-raiN -HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAZ- :iconinnocent-rain:Innocent-raiN 2,233 663 Byakuya's Kenseikan tutorial by Chigami Byakuya's Kenseikan tutorial :iconchigami:Chigami 30 21 Non-Negotiable by Ephere Non-Negotiable :iconephere:Ephere 132 73 ItaDei stamp by DaughterOfMagnum ItaDei stamp :icondaughterofmagnum:DaughterOfMagnum 98 4 GrimmUlqui stamp by DaughterOfMagnum GrimmUlqui stamp :icondaughterofmagnum:DaughterOfMagnum 238 21
Forgotten- (Ulquiorra x Reader) 16|Stolen
You and Orihime look at the shattered teacup on the floor, then at his shaking hand.
"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Orihime runs to him, taking his hand and gasping. "Gosh, you're so cold! Are you sick or something?"
Ulquiorra doesn't respond. He looks into the distance, dazed, lifeless, surrounded in despair. You simply look at him, uncertain.
Something's up. It's not like him to be clumsy, and he seems rather distant this morning.

You pour your milk and walk back to the table. Orihime begins to clean up the broken cup, and while she does you sit down at the table.
You lift up Ulquiorra's chin with your hand, to make him look at you. 
"Chins up, buttercup," you smile.
"D-don't leave... me..."
"What was that?" You ask. "Hurry and eat. Your muffin is getting cold."
"Muffin?" Ulquiorra looks at you, confused and tired.
"Yes. Eat. Your. Stupid. English. Muffin," you joke, shaking his shoulders.
"Eh?" He looks up at you. 
"Ah, you're back from d
:icongudetama:gudetama 183 100
Bleach-Arrancar x reader-pocky game (Gin)
I did my best to keep him in character! >.<
You walked around the halls, trying to find your man target and spotted him talking to Tousen. Unfortunately, Tousen and you have a bad relationship since you like things violent, insane and scary and he doesn't. So you turned back hoping to find another chance to ask Gin. Later in the evening, you tried again, but he was heading to see Aizen. So you decided later. You saw him again but he was heading to the toilet this time...
'maybe I should try again tomorrow...' you thought as you lay down on your couch.
'maybe he noticed me following him....maybe he knows what I'm doing and maybe he's trying to avoid me...' your thoughts gets more pessimistic the more you think about it. Suddenly you heard your door open and close. You heard footsteps coming closer to you. You knew it was Grimmjow. He just LOVE
:iconraikakun:RaikaKun 335 114
Toshiro and Momo 366 by BakaYogi Toshiro and Momo 366 :iconbakayogi:BakaYogi 125 45 Hinamori and Hitsugaya by izitsurara Hinamori and Hitsugaya :iconizitsurara:izitsurara 111 22 Chibi Maker 1.1 by gen8 Chibi Maker 1.1 :icongen8:gen8 52,073 13,431 oh my gosh... by Hokulanii oh my gosh... :iconhokulanii:Hokulanii 3 26 HS - Dirk x Jake - A Second Chance - main cover by ChibiEdo HS - Dirk x Jake - A Second Chance - main cover :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 184 62


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