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Stamp: Sally and Amy BOTH... by Jammerlee Stamp: Sally and Amy BOTH... :iconjammerlee:Jammerlee 998 412 Support Unity Stamp by Sonic-Unity-Club Support Unity Stamp :iconsonic-unity-club:Sonic-Unity-Club 370 30 Support Pro-Sonic Shadamy Fans by darkhyliangirl Support Pro-Sonic Shadamy Fans :icondarkhyliangirl:darkhyliangirl 846 319 Your Couples by Birdhousebirdy Your Couples :iconbirdhousebirdy:Birdhousebirdy 523 1,226


Hey guys, sorry that I haven't uploaded anything in a while, some things had happened in my personal life and I've been focusing more on getting that settled than anything else.

On that note, I did look through my sonic folder and papers that I have and I realized that I have too many Sonic stories that I'm not sure which ones I should start working on first. I tried to upload the word doc earlier, but I couldn't get the damn thing to submit so now I'm posting them here instead. They're only summaries of the stories as I haven't fleshed out the plot yet, but do tell me what you guys think of them.

Based on the official games/comics
Chaos/Order- Chaos and Order, two opposing forces that co-exist in harmony. But when a strange disturbance disrupts the delicate balance, Sonic and many others race to uncover a lost history of an ancient war between The Hunters and The Nothing.

Sonic Vertigo- AU-ish. Nikki Parlouzer is just an average teenage wimp, who wishes he could change himself into someone better. Little does he know that a pair of red shoes along with a narcissistic spirit will help him change into the super fast and heroic Sonic.

AU's (Alternate Universes)
Congo Love Line- AU School setting with several OC's. Sometimes love is more than just triangles and spider webs, it's a dance where we fall in or out of love. At least, that's what our new transfer student will find out once she's black mailed by the school's most popular star athlete to... Make him the most hated student? Multiple pairings and love hexagons ahead, also OC's abound, you have been warned.

Ghost of Jealousy- AU Sally Acorn has mysteriously disappeared and Amy Rose marries her hero at last and starts a family with him. All seems well, until the events that lead to Sally's disappearance start to reveal themselves and Amy begins to lose her sanity.

Roses and Acorns- A story about two girls, Amy the popular girl and Sally the new girl, as they both deal with the many obstacles in high school and just how similar they both are.

Girls on Parade- An old well known girls’ academy enrolls 5 boys as freshmen. Little do the boys know is that dark and terrible secrets’ lurk within the corridors of St. Millenards.

Hogs on the Log- Fame, Fortune, and glory are what is bestowed upon those who achieve Stardom.  A group of boys achieve this, but will it be worth it?

Love Wish- Amy, Cream, Rouge and Blaze are desperately in love with 4 boys who are either taken or uninterested in others and it’s driving them mad. Will a wish made by a genie in a ring solve their romance problems or bring out their demise?

Sonamize Me- Years ago, Amy broke up with her boyfriend and moved away to the big city.  Now she’s come back to her hometown to find how much things change and how much she really lost.

The Observer- The story of a girl who prefers to watch her classmates as if they were specimens then write about them in her journal and how she interacts with others.

Dirty- Sonic in the eyes of those around was considered to be the perfect guy and he thought so too. That is, until his new step brother makes him realize that he might not be as perfect and clean as he believes. Adult rating, acts of sexual and drug use.

Children of Superstition- Gouda is a freshman and a member of the schools’ newspaper.  When she sets her sights on an infamous group for a scoop, she finds herself thrown into a world no one should ever see.

Eclipse of The Heart- One is a nerd, the other is a loner.  One is overweight, the other is handsome.  One is openly gay, the other is straight.  So why is he hanging around him so much? RotorxShadow pair

He's mine now- AU. Sonic is a famous rock star loved by all. However, Sonic vanishes and his fiancée Sally gets attacked and forced into hiding. Who attacked Sally and what happened to Sonic? The answer lies within.

Based on other games/comics/novels
Chevaliers de Rosaceae (Knights of Rosaceae)- AU, inspired & parody of Utena. An ancient fuede rages on to the modern age that will drag two outsiders into the fray while they search for answers to their own questions.

Painted Horror- What started out as just a tour of an art exhibit becomes a desperate race of survival through a possessed art gallery. Inspired by Ib.

Ghosts- Amy Rose was your typical girl in school with typical problems like everyone.  Until her new friend stepped into the picture and started her nightmare.  Choose your friends wisely.

Rotten Girls- New high school student, Tikal, gets invited to join a group of girls. They are very friendly and kind, all of whom have a one sided love for the boyfriends of the school’s meanest divas.  But are they as mean as the rumors say, or is it something deeper? 

Chasing Tails- Tails is just your run of the mill nerd, happily living with his foster brother and wife. He prefers to tinker around with cars, planes, and other electronic gizmos than go out on a date. So how come six different beauties are so into him? Tails harem story.


We like to party here
United States
Greetings to everyone, welcome to the Congo Love Line.


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