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Hey guys :D My new Tibumeru is cool and all, but thinking about next week's work I'd really like to draw him with another tibumeru :3c. Doesn't have to be shippy, doesn't have to be even romantic ( I prefer something dark as well if possible!  ).

Anyways, just leave me your tibumeru in the comments ;w;)b I'm willing to draw anyone. What you get is what you ask for haha, as in please tell me the relationship you want between the two! As stated above, they can be platonic, intimate, whatever you please~ I really want to practice drawing some water scenes but drawing Blank by himself is so boring!
Hello everyone! I'll be taking Commissions as an extra revenue for money. Please feel free to read on ahead!

*Prices are a flat 16 dollars. there is no surcharge for detailed clothing, etc.*

And Here are my Can/Cannot do.

Can do:
- Cat ears, animals ears are all fine. Feral i can try, but it probably won't turn out that great.
- NSFW is fine! Please note that since these are Chibis, Breasts and Genitalia in general will probably look a bit weird.
- Gore is love! I love drawing gore so IDM ^^

Cannot do:
- Ask me :) I generally can and will draw anything, but feral. I'm bad at that.

2. Mini Chibi ( not rlly small but I can't think of a better name ) - 13 USD
Art trade 4 by CongeenialArt trade 2 by Congeenial


Please NOTE me if you wish to order a chibi.
This is mainly for reference myself, but you are free to use it as a reference yourself if you're looking for people to commission. 
As previously stated on my profile, you are free to use this art as a reference for your OC if you like, but please refrain but stealing the whole OC's design. Please.

1) Yuu-lin [ No DA Available, Links to Tumblr ]

2) Shiupiku [ No DA Available, Links to Tumblr ] 

3) :iconkei-yo: 

4) :iconsenlitheringme: