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OC stuff! by Congeenial OC stuff! by Congeenial
this is more of an info page than an art-- but deviantart is where i usually check a lot so i thought about putting it here.
This is a new OC i designed off of my head while I was feeling depressed on how 1) I couldn't swim well anymore and 2) I can't see underwater because my eyesight is terrible.

He's going to be a part of my series of Tiers as my own species. I'm going to call them Abituses, or Abitus for singular. I remember this latin word since in my summer private school we talked a lot about removing things from the earth we disliked for a paper haha;;

He's Tier 5, the lowest tier possible. They don't really have names, because they all have terrible memory due to the constant removal of their body masses once they start to exist. Abituses origins start from imagination or thoughts, from anything, from animals to humans to bugs and even plants. Once they exist, they don't have a long lifespan before disappearing again. This is due to the fact that they only exist because of thoughts, and thoughts disappear quickly. Abituses also have thoughts as well, having the ability to change their appearance to how they want to. But since this abitus is only tier 5, he can only change his clothing.

This abituses emerged from my imagination due to the two reasons above, so he has an obsession with eyeballs that he takes about just from anything he can find.

They all emerge with white bandages around their crotches, and yes they do have genitals, but legs would disappear in mere hours for tier 5's.

The ranking of tiers all depends on how powerful the user imagination is or their thoughts. The more powerful it is, the higher the tier will be.

You're free to make your own Abitus! I'd love to see it if you like the idea!
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July 27, 2013
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