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YOUR OWN HELL - Mystery Skulls Fanart

Characters by MysteryBen27 on Youtube.

🔷I'm pretty happy about the drawing ngl. Animated version on my insta (@l8.knight)
🔷I realised after I drew out the sketch for this, it's really similar my first FNAF drawing, completely unintentional XD.

🔷So, what is happening in this scene? Originally I was just gonna do it out of context and leave it at that. But I got the idea to have it be right after the events of the "Hellbent" Animation. Yeah, I don't know if manifesting spikes out of "ghost" is gonna kill someone.
Anyways, here you have it!

⭐Go check out "Mystery Skulls Animated" by MysteryBen27 on Youtube. REALLY COOL CHARACTERS AND ANIMATIONS.

⭐And obviously go listen to Mystery Skulls, I listened to them while drawing. SOME PRETTY SNAZZY HYPE BEATS. (wish I could go to concert ;-;)
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