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You Buy Me A Soda
You've got the friction in your shoulder blades to start a forest fire,
and a lot of things can be divine sometimes.
"Get off your skin," she said. "You never liked coffee anyway."
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 3 8
Is it like today?
Pulling out the kind of nature that only your ankles can touch,
you guess God's name and tell me how similar we look without any skin.
"Hush, darling," you said. "We don't have to share the same universe today."
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 4 5
We are far too young and clever.
I am of other suns than you,
and in the light all I can see are your shadows.
He asks, "What's gotten into you lately?"
and she says, "Obviously not you."
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 8 11
The face you make is priceless.
I've got wrists like empty pockets,
and a spine I made out of your weekly pay.
You crack open my bones, and scour for the loose change.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 5 5
Swallow My Astronomy
He had a black hole for a mouth,
and eyes like the dying stars that I would never collide with.
"Speak me the universe," I told him.
He laughed, and swallowed my galaxy.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 6 15
Cheap Talk
"My body is a language," she said. "Can't you read?"
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 6 12
I'm not listening anyhow.
Make them believe that
All the people in the world are
Something beautiful
That only you and I can
Understand when we close our eyes and
Run so far away with our thoughts like a
Buzz in the back of our brains because
Anatomy is something that we still haven't
Thought too much about
In the dark behind our eyelids that will
Only visit us when
No one else is around.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 4 19
Soy Sauce for the Closed Mind
You've got hips like an avalanche,
and a body made of fortune cookie philosophy.
She says, "Take your head off when you're talking to me. inbedinbedinbed."
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 4 10
I won't tell anyone.
Mouths made of masturbation, and eyes like dying stars,
you aim for something short of profanity.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 5 21
Rain and Hypnagogic States
I glance at you through the sea of babbling faces,
and suddenly you're squirming in your seat.

"How beautiful you are when you dance for me."
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 4 16
Sunshine Tangerines
I've got teeth like tectonic plates,
and a mouth that covers the eastern hemisphere.

Cranberry juice spews like lies from the mouth of this universe.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 5 27
Blunt enough to smoke.
Fuck you.
Now neither of us are worth my poetry.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 5 12
Not without sugar.
Green tea eyes, and fingertips like galaxies,
I stumble through your milky way.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 6 29
Soup like Syntax
Songs like suicide, we crash together, and fall apart.
"you are deceptively calm, my dear,
and I want to share my alphabet with you."
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 1 5
Everybody's sick, I'm sick too
I don't believe in your anatomy,
and now we'll always speak in punctuation.

Silent, we find ourselves stuck inbetween the parenthesis.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 3 10
one thing you never do.
Together we rise and divide,
and now we'll never have room for mitosis.

Defeated, we light our teeth on fire.
:iconconformityphobe:conformityphobe 1 14


Under the Street Lights
I wrote a book, like that happened. Its weird but it happened. I'm doing little written drizzles on another one that relates to some secondary characters in the first book but I don't think anything is very good. I have a bunch of other ideas too, five actually for potential books. But I don't know if they are going to happen. I'm going to self publish my book on amazon, I'll put the link on here when it's there.
:iconkit-kat-tik-tak:Kit-Kat-Tik-Tak 1 6
Fat Jake Plush by AzureStarr Fat Jake Plush :iconazurestarr:AzureStarr 1,714 191 Nyan'A'chu FIXED by mnrART Nyan'A'chu FIXED :iconmnrart:mnrART 2,157 262 Mystery Machine by EndOfGreatness Mystery Machine :iconendofgreatness:EndOfGreatness 8,289 1,254 Buddies by girltripped Buddies :icongirltripped:girltripped 6,597 391
wishing will just leave me empty
i love you, listless ears, as you unfold my sobs and place them somewhere in the wide old world. my consonants go forgotten; they drop from my tongue like lead and falseness; the vowels dip forward, vibrating air with their small squeals only to drip back again. where they belong is deep inside me, in that place no one tries to go. no one knows it is there; they see my hollow skin and strike matches from my thin blood but care not to venture elsewhere. i keep all the lives i've ever lived behind my eyelids and sometimes i forget just who i'd like to be as their holy vowels reverberate back to me-- my own clogged ears, immune to the sobs of others as they glisten blatant before me.
my eyes do not see you-- they're made of glass and see images tainted, tinted, somehow differing from truth. we see everything upside down and somehow my brain does not switch it back the way it should be. listless ears, hear me now as troubles grow behind my rids, as my bones get too small to hold all of me
:iconbreathingglassstars:breathingglassstars 15 11
we laid out our sheets (to be ghosts)
i am wrong about the way your tongue has spikes. i am wrong about the way it stabs when you speak; it pinches words deep down into spines and cavities, it takes us away to somewhere empty. and i am wrong most of all about being so empty i could keep everyone i've ever seen in the spaces between my rids. it is true that i am an avalanche, i will implode and explode and suffer with the way your fingers tap too hard on my skin. but you've never touched me, you've never touched me before. i made you all up with your beauty and calling; who would speak to the invisible girl? who would love her when her thoughts are poison, ladled and spewed from the collective cauldron of everyone else interesting? she is a phantom. i would know because i am wrong about her; i am her. she is mine. i do not know if i have ceased to exist or if my bones have escaped my skin, leaving me a poor, sad sack in an ugly trap of gravity, filled with stuffing just to keep me breathing. i am, i am, i am not. pathetic p
:iconbreathingglassstars:breathingglassstars 16 12
Sister, can you spare me a seashell?
     Last week she had asked me, "Sister, can you spare me a seashell? This town it is loud, but my thoughts, they are louder. I need to drown them like so many sailors lost in a sudden storm."
     I told her that she needed to seek help instead of seashells; they did not hold the ocean and could not drown her thoughts.
     Then my frustration melted to see her so suddenly as I had not since we were children, when she would beg, her eyes wide with fear, to check beneath our bed before she could sleep. She was scared of the dark and the darkness never seemed to leave her.
     She looked so small as she walked away without the hope she came for and so broken when she paused by the door to say, "but I have tried everything else."
     I saw her yesterday,
     sleeping in the shallows
     with her feet
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 52 45
Deaf To Birdsong
Birdsong - Chapter Three
    Five nights of building castles and drawing your image in the sky while you draw mine, laughing at death because we are forever.
    Five nights expanding the horizons, and rolling in fields of clover, echoing our joy off distant mountains.
    Five afternoons lost in oblivion seeking shadows, desperate for a companion.
    Five afternoons spent wandering a parody of paradise,  
    a l o n e.
    I slept too long, and dreamt too much.
I created a world so large that I cannot find you in it.
You are lost among the wonders.
I could have prevented this, had I drawn a map of these lands instead of your body...
I stand helpless, and scream the name I gave you.
Can you hear me beneath the canopy of heaven?
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 29 12
there was this idea that everything was just inside her head
just sitting inside her skull and making the rest of her body
tremble and quake over nothing but thoughts
and thoughts aren't solid
how can something that isn't even real
affect the limbs and the heart
and everything that makes us up
so greatly when it doesn't even have any mass?
:iconohsparrowsong:ohsparrowsong 17 8
NaPoWriMo 2012.
april 1st
i am green. and red. and giving myself bruises.
you smile, i smile.
she smiles.
[my smile drops]
april 2nd
i think i would like to take flight
and travel far from the worlds depths
trading my arms for wings
becoming a creature of the sky
rather than of the sea or ever of land.
april 3rd
each feeling trailed down his arm
leaking and bleeding like water colour emotions.
he wished
just for once to be solid
in at least one aspect
april 4th
you're giving me feelings in my tummy that i had forgotten.
the oceans aren't quite so scary
and they seem like they're going to carry me
somewhere nice rather than pulling me underneath
april 5th
the fruit was sweet
and the sun was bright
and both made you shine
and glitter as bright as
i've ever seen you.
you shone so brightly it
made my heart grow a little in its warmth
april 6th
too many drinks
too much testosterone
too much shooting
boys are stupid
april 7th
i want to punch you in your stupid smug hipster fuck face.
you are scum,
:iconohsparrowsong:ohsparrowsong 31 37



Seymour Dicks
United States
you are all the best.

Current Residence: USA
I decided I'm not going to delete this account anymore because some of you guys messaged me and it was super nice feedback about how you guys liked my poetry, and so I decided that instead of deleting I'm going to start posting my poetry more. You guys are the truly the best, and I hope you like all of the new material I post in the near future. ♥


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