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100Good Deeds for Eddie McDowd

By CondemnedGun
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Does anyone remember that show? 100 Good deeds for Eddie McDowd

Eddie is a bully who is turned into a dog for his bad deeds. In a pound, he is reacquainted with the last person he bullied and he is shocked to discover this boy still recognizes Eddie's human form, though the rest of the world sees him as a dog. After much begging, the boy adopts him and keeps him as his pet to save Eddie from being put down. Alas Eddie will be cursed to remain a dog to the world as his new master's pet until he has completed 100 good deeds.

A was a mere kid when they were airing that show but i always imagined how much sexier the show would have been if they'd done it a little differently.
In the actual show, the boy can only hear Eddie's human voice. in my version he sees Eddie as a human still. And in my version, the boy is out for revenge and milking this experience for all it is worth, forcing his dog to submit and follow him everywhere naked on a leash.

yes my version is a little more yaoi.
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Tommy Kirk and Kevin ' Moochie' Corcoran

The Shaggy Dog

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This is...just so so many levels...
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I would like it if that was what was on the show as well that would be so sexy. BTW do you have any sites where you  do NSFW art? If so I would love to see them.
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I ❤️ your version!
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I'd actually like to be Eddie!
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where can we find old episodes of this.
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I can't find episodes anywhere. I honestly have no idea where you'd find them, but it's a kids show so I assure you, it's not sexy.
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I wonder what exactly would count as a 'good deed' for a dog like this! ;)
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Very nice work !!
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haha awesome
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super j'adore!

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you were an awesome kid.
Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1] 
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My boss punishes me in this way.
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as what do you work ?
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Is he gonna get neutered?
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Nice and humilliating. X)
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I was actually searching for famous Aussies and remembered the show and stumbled upon this. But seriously, I like ;)
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Oh man I use to love this show! Sadly I can't find any of the old episodes :tears:
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A bit more yaoi and a lot more hawt. Very cool concept and a lovely piece you made for it.
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Dude, this would have been so amazing. God you're evil! But so am I ;)
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