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Yours, Medusa
Oh how naive of me, 

To think I could steal you away for even a moment

Even though in a moment you stole me away for all eternity

Are you so scared of me?

Did I come on too strong? 

Or not strong enough?

Like Medusa has my affection turned you to stone?

I’m alone

As these thoughts pour through my head

Wriggling like snakes in my brain,


I’m petrified 

By the thought of you in her treacherous arms

Caught in a siren song

That is eating away at your soul 

Note by note

I’ve never seen eyes so haunted

haunting me in my dreams

I keep waiting for you to come around the corner

like some tragic ghost

I see you everywhere
When you smell cinnamon and oranges

When she wears bright red lipstick
When you’re laying in bed alone at night

Do you see me at all?

I’m transparent before you. &
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 3 0
Mature content
700 Miles :iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0
You ask me why I’m jealous
I sigh and tell you I’m not
Not really
It’s just that...
I hate the thought
Of her bitter lips on yours
Of her fingertips tracing trails on your skin
Do my fingers follow the same path?
If I were to kiss all of you,
How much would be mine alone?
And how much would I be sharing?
I hate the thought of her sweet words
Capturing your heart
Taking pieces of you
That I will never have
I feel like I’m grasping at fragments of you
Desperate to hold on to whatever I can
Terrified you’ll slip through my grasp
Sometimes the look in your eyes makes me feel
Like you’ll never really be mine.
Sometimes I can’t sleep
Because you’re not beside me
And there’s nothing to keep you from slipping away
Because I know
You’re not dreaming of me
Even though
These days
You’re all I dream of.
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0
The Maid Of Time by ConcreteGypsy The Maid Of Time :iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 2 0
I Bet You Taste
I bet you taste like
Every flavor I hate
That I’ve ever spat out
And scraped off my tongue
And tried to wash away
With liquor and cigarets
I bet you taste
Something left alone
For far too long
In the dark
I bet you taste
Like something burnt
To the bottom of the pan
When I forget the stove is on.
I bet you taste like
Every flavor I hate
So why do I keep
Coming back to taste
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 2 6
I Don't Believe In Science
I once dated a scientist
Who told me, “This won’t hurt a bit.”
Then cut me open
And dissected my heart
And he lied
It was agony.
I don’t believe in science anymore
Now I only date magicians
Because at least then,
I know it’s all an illusion
From the start
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 1 2
"You’re the only one who calls me that." She says.
And I know it’s true.
Because her beauty’s not in her face.
Or in her body.
It’s in her soul and mind and eyes.
So no one sees it.
Because it’s not there on a first glance.
Or even a second or third.
If you only ever glance at her, you’ll never see it at all.
She deserves to be studied like a fine art.
Like a masterpiece sculpture
Of Medusa
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0
His eyes are the red tide
He looks at me and I am lost
Carried to sea by his currents
I can’t find my footing in his depth
Choking on too much intensity
But I’d rather die in his embrace
Than live in the shallows of who he is,
Having never known the depths beneath his skin
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0
Her brown eyes draw me in
She’s not the prettiest girl I know
But the constellations of her freckles are burning in my eyes
And I want to eat her whole
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0
So Are You by ConcreteGypsy So Are You :iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 2 0 Major Tom by ConcreteGypsy Major Tom :iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 2 Point And Shoot by ConcreteGypsy Point And Shoot :iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 1 2 Hair by ConcreteGypsy Hair :iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 1 0 Original by ConcreteGypsy Original :iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0
No shirt,
No shoes,
No service
Hippies use the side-door
We don’t want to see your
Naturally unnatural
Your brand of naked honesty
Makes us uncomfortable.
It smells too much like truth.
You are dirty with the world
It clings like mud to your feet
Tracking on our new carpet
Of pristine philosophy
You leave handprints on our
Whitewashed walls
And it looks too much like
The reality we want to forget is out there
Leave us be
Sequestered and
In our watered down spirituality
You look too much like
A reckless messiah
Restless and relentless
It scares me.
You smell too much like truth.
And I don’t want to be offended
Take a bath
In holy water and tears shed
By our meek and mild savior
We can still save your
Naked, burning soul
Let us pour a little religion on your light
So your shine won’t hurt our
Sensitive sensibilities
You reveal too many vulnerabilities
So temper it
Or we’ll temper it
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0
I do my best work when I’m intoxicated.
It’s the only time the words seem to work right.
A little bit of whiskey, the smell of the cigarette on my fingertips
And the words just flow like honey
I’m not worried about rhyme or meter
They happen if they do.
It’s only when inebriated that everything is true.
I’ve been so high that I could see heaven and time split in two
I know I tend to overdo it
Grasping for what’s just out of reach
The epiphany
I always feel like with just a little more I can grasp the other side
And I end up with my head in a toilet
Pondering the great mysteries of life
And why
I do
I do
I like to let my rough-hewn edges show.
I’m sick of clothing myself in softness
Trying to hide
That I smoke
That I drink
That I’m the girl your mother warned you about
I’ll break your heart again and again and again
Because I’ll fall irrevocably in love with the whole world
You’ll think you’re the only one
:iconconcretegypsy:ConcreteGypsy 0 0


She chased wolves all the way back to the sun
Sunsets would break and collapse
Between the gaps of her spine
Sliding past the summers aching breaths
They’d reside in the hollows of her eyes
Cold lucidity seeping into her ivy sewn ribcage
Her songbird synapses collapsing into the skies
As they caved in upon themselves
When the earth opened up and swallowed
Her day dreamer retinas
And pasted over them in night time symphonies
She was Pegasus palpitations hung up to dry
When the stars could no longer bleed
And the trees would split into a thousand storms
Held tightly under wraps by green eyed spirits
And hungry wolves clawing at her open palms
Lions den whispers echoing between bated breaths
She'd tear the sun apart
To feel the liquid light filtering through her veins
Swallowing down the liquid heat
Of lonely summer days spent
Hiding on scraped knees
Betwixt negative space and human nature
She was the weather torn kill joy
Hunting the sunsets to carve her name into the sky
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 31 16
The boy who hides in drugstores and late nights
Blindfolded airwaves hide his forest veins
Where not even the moon can touch the lonely heart
Resting on his tightly buttoned sleeve
Insomnia drawn deeply into the creases of his eyes
Galaxies humming in time with his stuttering heartbeats
He hides behind nightlights to burn out his demons
Because the devils in the detail
and he's one hour away from tearing down the sky
Splintered amber bones searching for serendipitous moments
He longed not for the stars but rather
For those moments where the horizon kisses the earth
Bonfire irises with a knack for chasing time
Longing for the sun to seem real again
Carving his name into walls to be remembered
As the boy who went down swinging
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 24 21
NaPoWriMo: Day 2
i have this
sudden urge to cut
my hair.
most of the time,
i just wish I were anything
other than me.
a rocket ship, a bird-
the sweet flavored smoke
I promised my girlfriend
these briar patch lungs
would not in.hale.
i have fallen in love
with the strangest of things-
eyes that intimidate
godless boys.
the way my scars
play hide and seek
with her hands. -
the love letters
that start and end
with kisses
pressed against limbs.
i make promises
i know i can not keep.
but if i were a liar
i would say i was tired
of writing to the stars.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 116 53
NaPoWriMo: Day 4
I might have a scrappers knees,
wildflowers growing on my knuckles,
& I might remind you of every nasty thing
you ever did,
but I don’t see you in my mirror.
I just have the right
to hate my own face.
Oh atlas,
I think this hitchhiker’s heart
is breaking &
I don’t have the medical skill-
or the time
to suture the pieces
back together again.
So please;
lead me,
lead me
but here.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 94 12
I am girl.
Other boys tell me
I’d look best
firmly pressed
their skin.
& they know
I am girl-
from the curve of my hips,
to this jutting collarbone,
lonely of love bites
& bruises.
But, your hands shape
falsities out of my limbs
with a tongue speaking of me
in riddles;
Why do I allow your body
to find rest against these bones
when you don’t even recognize
the taste of my moon skin
between your teeth?
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 263 119
two different lights by agnes-cecile two different lights :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 7,050 238
i wake up with bits of Orion
still stuck between my teeth.
& i grin, remembering
the face of every lover
i’ve managed unscathed,
to crawl out from underneath.
‘ad astra’ inked into ankle bones
like little wings, Pluto’s underworld
ripe, coursing through my veins:
i stake claim to clavicles.
devouring shivers
between the constellations
of tongues & weak limbs,
i get off
on all the ways mere mortals
beg me to sacrifice them
to the heavens.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 321 67
Milky Way
my body is a road map
of hazard signs
& do-not-touch-me's.
but on the days
when the mirror
is nice to me,
i can hear
whispering voices
like little racing
beneath my skin:
you are not worthless.
you are strong.
your ribcage has a meaning-
these bruises are
con            ons,
   ste     ti       & you are the Milky Way.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 386 85
She thinks there are nebulae
in the rough of my gutter bones,
some stargazing sanctuary
for lonely outcasts to lay their heads.
I am but a car crash,
inside eyelids,
& red inked corrections
on crosshatched skin.
Made up of moans,
the clutching of bedsheets;
I am contemplating
ripping my ribs apart
& proving
I never had a heart at all.
But my moon shy love;
she is determined
to try & wake the dead.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 217 60
NaPoWriMo: Day 3
I wanted to pluck my ribs
from out my chest &
hang them about my house
like wind chimes-
dangled brutality;
a taunt for hungry wolves.
I didn’t grab for sharp objects,
I just wrote about it.
I never knew
I wanted to be a writer
until I lost something.
I still don’t know what that is-
(my mind, maybe.)
But words,
they fill gaps
that had no stories
to keep them
from hollowing out
in the first place.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 201 64
I'm talking myself in circles,
I screamed,
"There is nothing
wrong with me, not a damn

I wanted to believe
the big dipper on my arm
meant something more
than sun marks & kisses.
But, how can I trust words
that slip through my teeth
as easy as breathing
when this star
has only ever learned
how to     f
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 225 57
9729 kilometers away, to be exact.
i have these bones like flowers-
fragile and finely plucked,
these lily stargazers
are kissing ocean beds,
making love to sirens
while yearning
for a taste of her
i want to tape maps to my limbs-
throw caution to the wind
as i gather up
every love letter receipt,
from every false attempt
i ever wrote her
& forget for just a moment
that even still
light-years away,
she does not love me.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 177 51
Ode to the boy with diamonds for eyes
I think we were a collision course waiting to happen
And when I think back to the day when we first
Stumbled across one another, red sneakers hanging off gutters
Cherry cola voice overs and dilated pupils
We led one another on to believe in the night sky of connect the dot constellations
You wanted to dissect me and peer into the insides of my lungs
Only to find witches breath and dandelions
Slicing iron vowels you locked your hands in mine
And we fell into the static of dreaming disease
The operating table broke away to reveal a sky that never existed
And we couldn't help but laugh at the irony
Because wishing was never an option
The anesthesia never seemed to fit in our veins anyway.
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 63 61
Beast and the Runaway by CountANDRA Beast and the Runaway :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 660 29
No wander about it, just lust.
You were a mid-morning train wreck,
the embodiment of poetry.
& my clavicles whispered too many nothings
about your summer storm hands,
folding like paper cranes
to make wishes upon themselves.
wishes are for the weak-
stand up,
do something about this quaking heart
& freezing fingers.
I think I found God then,
lurking behind wanderlust eyes.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 151 32



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