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Favourite Visual Artist
too many to choose from :p
Favourite Movies
Ghostbusters 2, Transformers, Kill Bill 1&2, iRobot and Bruce Almighty
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Muse, Eminem, Gorillaz, Julien K, Bently Jones, Queen, Take That and Crush40
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett - Discworld
Favourite Games
Many, Mainly Sonic, Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Gamecube
Tools of the Trade
Ms Paint, Giffy, Gif Construction set proffessional, Paint Shop Pro
Other Interests
Blaze <333 Wave <333, Espio, Rouge, Vegeta, Games, movies and spriting
NEWS Nothing majorly new, I still dont have great skills to draw but im keeping the account here at da in case of the future when I may draw better and also to see my friends work. Im saving up to get an Xbox360 becuase I've always wanted one and would like to add to my video game console collection. FRIENDS ~Misty-T-H ( :iconNightottsel: :iconSky-The-Echidna-21: :iconOrangeHedgehog1984: :iconKatiePMazurek: :iconpanicpuppet: :iconLittleZelkova: :icondannyphantomsgf: :icondarkspeeds: :iconAJW12777: :iconnalamate: :iconChaosCroc: :iconangelbreed: :iconBig-C: :icondeity-of-destruction: :iconCrystalHedgehog: :iconMissMinority: :iconob
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NEWS Help! ~VixenKitty ( These 2 are having a problem with their current PC which has all their fantastic Artwork on and recently the pc has messed up and is now not detecting their Scanner and they are trying to scan more of their work. They have Tried to get it detected but the pc isnt detecting the scanner being connected so they are trying to buy a new PC. They are willing to do commissions to earn enough cash to buy a new pc since their current one is 7 years old and it may only be a matter of time till it eventually stops functioning. Please commission these 2 girls if you wish. They are really talented arti
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NEWS Help! ~pet123 ( Im spreading the word on this Journal to help a really good friend and her Boyfriend stay in their house. They have been given a &#163;500 House bill to pay for and They need it fast to still have a home to stay at. My friend :iconH-balth: is selling many of her plushies, games and toys which is upsetting since they are full of memories. But staying in a home to keep warm thru the winter is important. Go here to see whats for sale. Help her and her boyfriend stay warm throughout christmas and the next winter next year &lt;3 Thank
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hey how you been? :)
heya, been a busy week at work down our pub, really tired now. Luckily everyones gone home now so i got some more days off to spend on my new games from christmas. How bout you hun? :)
Ahh good :) 
Im good thanks ^_^
Are you going to Weston-Super-Sonic? :3 
can you explain this Concorde X Lumina thing to me, i'm a tad curious
Would you be interested to coming to Sonic London meets? :)
I'm always up for one but its more a trouble of getting there cause i cant drive and finding somewhere to stay and my job at the moment during winter when its quiet doesn't pay well for me to stay at like a B&B or even travel.

You see when i do SOS i tell my dad and what happens is I go to Tonbridge wells near london where my aunt and uncle are and we stay there, then on sos day they go round london while i attend the convention, then meet up with them after it finishes.