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DRM Signora in bianco



Show Name: Signora in Bianco
Nickname: Lady
Meaning/Language: Lady in White (Italian)
Breed: Zlesdin 
Pheno: Dom White // Black Chimera
Geno: Ee/Aa/Ww  ///  Ee/aa
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.5
Rider: Tsura Boswell
Disciplines: 3DE, Dressage, Show Jumping, XC, Halter, Liberty
Lady is a bitch. sometimes a bit of a yandere with senpai dusk.she hasn't killed anyone yet but she hasn't been given the chance. her 'mom' Tsura wont let her.
Lady likes to spend some of her days at Spring Gate stalking her senpai Dusk. even biting him some which he enjoys.. when she isn't around dusk she is a fairly good mare, just don't put her with other mares in the field. Shes an all around girl, has gotten her perfect 'Resting Bitch Face' from her 'mom' Tsura all the way from foal hood. her enimies include ZS Zdrasti Adrenaline (owned by Zoubstance )no one knows really why. just that is the two ladies meet each other there will be some snapping. Tsura says that its a clash of Ladys Bitch personality with  Zdrastis Leader personality but who really knows. maybe they got into an argument of who looks better? anyways Lady will not come up to you in the pasture. you have to either hike out and catch her while she walks away like your nothing or hope she is near the gate when you goto catch her. her resting bitch face gets even more light when training comes around. of course she enjoys what she does its just the fact of getting out early and moving that makes her angry. and she hates men. Boys watch out


Zlesdin Point Tracker
Zlesdin ID: ZM0140

DRM Principessa di crepuscolo - Tazer - 4 ZP


~ Show Entries~
Altmuehl International 3DE 2016-Dressage - 5ZP
Altmuehl International 3DE 2016 - Show Jumping - 5ZP
NIEC 2016 - SJ - ''Flying'' - 5ZP
~Training Images~

~Other Images~
Ref-Fullbody- 3 ZP
Registered- 1ZP

~Art By Others~

Show Record:

A Colourful Experience -


~.: Points:.~




Breeding: OPEN Pure Zlesdin Only  (ONLY UNTIL OCTOBER 5TH) 25 Points + Breeding Pic

1. Mine - SG Sir Dusk - FeatherCandy -USED
2. Mine
3. FeatherCandy - USED
4. @BeingBay-paid- Used

Stock: STOCK - TotR Arabians 2013-513
Stock Provider: fillyrox
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Would it be poissble to get a slot to this beautiful mare and my Zlesdin stallion?  EE Vendez Sabino by EddieLover