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DRM Aurora boreale



Name: DRM Aurora boreale
Nickname: Oro, Lights
Age: 5 Years
Sex: Stallion
Breed: Zlesdin 
Color: Chestnut (Copper Sheen)
Genotype: ee/Aa
Height: 17hh
Discipline: Eventing, Individual, Endurance
Rider: Saanvi Bhattacharyya
Aggressive: Don't come near me or you'll end up with teeth marks on your bum!
Born Leader: You're not the boss of me! You better ask nice if you exspect anything from me. 
Serious: I take everything I do seriously, and can get frustrated if I don't learn things fast enough

He loves his twin brother ( RD's Siyavash Sinbad ) but he is also very sarcastic toward him and they are both extremely competitive when they meet up often (Savi guesses) chatting about their recent shows and wins

Hates other pets, no dogs or cats in my stall
Kicks if a horse gets too close to my rear end, better tie a ribbon in my tail!
Level headed when it's their turn to show
Make angry faces when I pass too close to other horses, personal bubble!

Anything with really strong and flashy bright colors like neon green etc

Horse vs Handler:
This horse is not a fan of the two legged ones.

Horse vs Herd:
I will kick anyone who gets too close to my tail
I will bite anyone who gets into my personal space
I hate other stallions and will try to fight (Keep this horse away from any stallion that isnt his sire or his brother)
Bullies other weaker horses in the paddock

classic horse treats from local tack shop

"The road to success is always under construction" Lily Tomlin 

Bullet; Blue Bloodlines:
------------------------------------------ SSS : Starter
----------------- SS: RD's Sir Tan
------------------------------------------ SSD : Starter
Sire: RD's Sir Dusk
------------------------------------------ SDS : Starter
----------------- SD: RD Shadow Queen
------------------------------------------ SDD : Starter
------------------------------------------ DSS : Starter
----------------- DS : Starter
------------------------------------------ DSD : Starter
Dam: DRM Signora in bianco
------------------------------------------ DSS : Starter
----------------- DD: Starter
------------------------------------------ DDD : Starter

Bullet; Blue Pedigree Points: 
- for every horse in the bloodlines: 0,5 points
- for every horse in the bloodlines: 0,5 points
- for every horse in the bloodlines: 0,5 points
- for every horse in the bloodlines: 0,5 points

Bullet; Blue offsprings

Bullet; Blue pictures

Show pictures:

Show extra pictures: 

Full body pitcures:
Training| Oro | Dressage -with riders (rider has to ride the horse): 3 points| Full body: 2 points
Training| Oro | Poles - 3 points | 2 points
Copper Squad Represent| Gift for Zoubstance 3 points | 2 points
Head pictures:

Breeding pictures:

Bullet; Blue drawn by others:
Budding Romance

amount: - 17 pts
star rank: Star!  Star! No Star No Star No Star No Star No Star No Star No Star No Star   



 Parent reaching Zayus: 2 ZP
Parent reaching Shendik: 12 ZP
 Each name in pedigree - 1 ZP
 Each name in pedigree - 1 ZP

~ Show Entries~

~Training Images~
Training| Oro | Dressage -Full-body: 3 ZP
Training| Oro | Poles - 3zp

~Other Images~
Ref- Full-body: 3 ZP
Copper Squad Represent| Gift for Zoubstance - 3zp

~Art By Others~
Budding Romance - 1zp

Show Record:


~.: Points:.~


Star! Star! No Star No Star No Star No Star No Star 

Restrictions: Pure Zlesdin mares only
Price: 50 points + Breeding pic
1. Mine
2. Mine
3. FeatherCandy 

Breed: Zoubstance 
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Could I claim a breeding spot with This mare>>.:||Once upon a Dream||:.  
She's the one with the bald face.