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Autumn Event -- Attack Mom



Event: extension! *1 week left* - Autumn Event 4
Horse: RD XiuLan
Age: 7 months
Featuring Dam: RD Shadow Queen
Stables: both Red-Dragon-Stables 
Class: Halter

"Lan over here" The filly snorted after being turned out with her mom she decided to roll a pumpkin around. so much for that decoration..Sorcha sighed "cmon Lan. Look over here" the filly snorted and flipped her ears back. She was ignoring Sorcha on purpose "Ugh..." Sorcha set her camera down and texted her husband.
Sorcha- She wont look at me! =-=
Ellis- so?
Sorcha- I want a picture of her first halter show with Shadow...shes ignoring me on purpose!!
Ellis- lol

ugh he isn't going to be help.. grabbing her camera she decided to wait in silence for Lan to look over, Just then a tiny but very brave dog got loose. dragging its leash it started yapping at Lan making the filly squeal and try to run away only making the dog chase her and making her more afraid Lan liked the dogs at the stable. the big ones but small yappy dogs she was terrified of. Sorcha wanted to help but a scared filly in a pasture with her dam not even counting her Dam was a stone cold bitch (but sorchas stone cold bitch <3) speaking of which Shadow looked over from some people who were taking pictures she was trying to bite at and snorted The hell if anyone wasgoing to mess with her baby. Sorcha snapped a picture at the right time. and that little dog would have been dead if its owner didn't grab its leash in time.

Ref: Pose and some shine not all…
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Lan looks so much like Shadow but at the same time so much like Tan xD