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Winning entry

The damage has been done, first accolade has been snatched and vladgheneli became the first to hold the torch twice.
From the moment the contest was announced, Walent was quick to put the pedal to the metal and became the first to enter the ring.
With a character that is oozing in functionality, a strong stance and a will to clean it all. Walent knew what he wanted out of this round. Points awarded 25

Second place

Up second is Mr Hank, a playful character from RogerStork creative library. This guy is the only guy I've seen to be this happy about cleaning a warehouse. The camera angle keeps us amused and really adds to the setting. Good job on the second place. Points awarded 15

At a joint third place (at time of writing this blog) for the first time we have two deviants Skihaas1 and shoze both interpreting the theme in a very different way yet both depicting tentacles of some sort.

Third place

We have Skihaas1 concept depicting two friends working together in harmony to keep the ship clean. The back story outlines an incident from their past and their shared love towards each other. Points awarded 10

Joint Third

shoze rather took a not so happy approach to this contest and gave us a grumpy Janitor who clearly looks disappointed about the job at hand. The Janitor looks like its holding back from the viewer and disagreeing with anything being said on the other end. shoze did a great job in bringing out the personality of this character in albeit a last minute entry. Points awarded 10

Fourth place

Next up is Nyte-Tyme who really stepped in this round and delivered to the best of his ability a scene full of characters from outer space. They are colour coded and not happy to be sharing the same space. Level up my friend. Points awarded 5

Fifth place

JasonPrentice gave us a sketch from his humour gallery, outlining a still moment from an isolated character in space collecting what appears to be his return ticket home. The character seems to be enjoying his time and is more likely thinking about his time fishing back at earth. Points awarded 5

Sixth place

In the middle of transitioning from traditional to digital medium Br00dley shared with us a character who is going it the good old way. By using a bucket a broom this character is dedicated to get his job done on time. Points awarded 5

Changes in this round: We've introduced the point system and it works as following:
:bulletblue: 5 points for taking part
:bulletblue: 5+ 5 points for taking the third place
:bulletblue: 5 + 10 points for taking the second place
:bulletblue: 5+ 20 points for carrying the torch

Leader board will only display the top 15 ranks from now on, however record will be kept so artist can climb up the ladder at any stage.


I hope you have a great week ahead and await the drop of the next round (Weapon round). Add your suggestions by commenting below?

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Mars636 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Strange. For a humorous subject the unfunny picture won!!! No offence meant, just commenting.
Br00dley Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Student
Great work this week some awesome ideas, next weeks gun round idea sci fi water pistol ( the future of a child's play toy through to riot control weapon ).
Edarneor Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Congratulations to winners, good job!! :) keep em coming!
SymbioJoe Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This was one of the most memorable contest I have witnessed. It truly brought out some incredible funny and creative ideas.
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Submitted on
November 4, 2013