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So for our weekly bit I decide to share a really interesting article from Jack Teagle (www.jackteagle.co.uk/). Jack is a really talent artist which works as illustrator and comics for many years. I suggest to have a look to his gallery, I think can be really inspiring.

Here is the link to the issue of the magazine were this interview come from :


For decades, illustration and comics were the outsiders of the art world. Snubbed by critics and avoided by galleries, it left artist in the west west - free from expectation or convention. But with their general acceptance over the last decade, has the spirit of risk taking and otherness been whitewashed by safety nets, copycat and autobiographical tales of mind woe ?
Jack Teagle, the creator behind nobrow-published comics "Fight!" and "Jeff job hunter", explains why it's important to always push for the new ground.

These days I see a lot of artist and creators borrowing similar symbols,style and work methods - even themes in their work - and it can feel like an over saturation. Being aware of similar work in one thing, but feeling a need to fit into that world of design, comics and illustration is another.
People should have as much fun possible with what they create. Though things can feel hopeless when living in an economic downturn, where opportunities for artist can be scare, it's really the best time to experiment, explore and go wild with your work. After all...what have you got to lose ?
It's important to push boundaries and see how far you can go. When artist are conservative with their work, it can stagnate. Often artist will try to aim for the easy money or what they think people would like to read or admire. But for self-preservation as an artist, you can't think like that all the time. You have to adapt and evolve, and try by taking chances you can open up new doors of what works.
I don't blame anyone for trying to make money, but while it's important to stay connected and relevant to trends, it's equally important ti introduce an audience to new ideas and nwe ways of working...to set yourself apart from your peer. Creators can unconsciously pick up on similar techniques and styles from other artist, and you can start to get very similar work in some cases. Branching out can help you to differentiate yourself from others.
It can be frightening to venture into the unknown, but when you're breaking new ground, people aren't really going to know what to make of it. You've to persevere, have fun and play with what you're doing. World and pictures do not need to adhere to any preconception you may have of them as an art form. You do what feels right. A story can be non-linear and paced in non-conventional ways. Imagery doesn0t have to be photo-realistic, you can play with perspective, warp proportions, draw in a way that feels natural.
there is a fear that budding artist and writers must conform to working in a ways that have come before them. It's important to understand that this isn't the case. You can learn from what came before you, but you don't have to perfectly replicate it. There are no rules.
The road less travelled is rockier, but also ultimately much more rewarding. Always push yourself to try new things and never content to settle for the status quo.

Jack Teagle, 2015
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