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Hey Concepteez,

Hope you're having a great summer week and drawing/ painting as much as you want. Whilst enjoying the sun keep in mind that there is just under 3 days left for you to submit your entries for our 'Pass the torch' competition. You can read more about it here….

Thanks to the generous contributions from alexnegrea, StefanieOdendahl, popicok, AndresSabastian and ArtofOdd we are now a SUPER GROUP and can continue enjoying the benefits that we have for that past 12 months.

In another news Sketchathon has been moved from Sundays to Saturday of every week. This has been done as I (your host) am no longer available on a Sundays.

What is Sketchathon?

If you've never heard of Sketchathon before. It is a timed event in which you are given a topic to work on and after you hear the alarm buzzer you have to submit what you're working on. For e.g.: Round 1, topic given is 'Speed Monster' and time allowed 50 minutes.

Benefits of Sketchathon:

- Get rid of the rust you've been building up by experiencing multiple unlinked challenges in a day
- Try out a genre which you haven't tried before (Characters, Environments, Creatures, Mechs and Weapons)
- Socialise with like-minded artists working there way on their skill level barometer.
- If you work full time, this one day can ensure that you get at least 8-10 hours of drawing/ painting done in a week

A few entries from the last event (50 minutes or less):



All levels welcome and ALL mediums welcome. Follow us on to be notified before the event goes live tomorrow.

All the entries from that round will then be put onto a slideshow which will run in between the rounds to allow you to have a quick break before the next round.

So our 23rd event will take place from 10 am BST tomorrow morning.  

Have a great weekend,
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