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Deviation Actions

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If you submit a concept please follow these rules. If your submission is declined it would be due to failing one or several of these points:

1- Submit deviations to an appropriate folder (have a look inside them if you're unsure).

2- Watermarks and text that distract from the artwork will result in a submission being declined. We want our watchers to be able to fully appreciate your art.

3- No fan art! Only the most exceptional, creative, and fresh perspectived fan work stands a chance here.

4- No loose, muddy, or unfinished concepts. We maintain a high quality standard for our gallery. Speed paint style work will need to be skillfully done and impressive.

5- Submit only your best work. Those who submit a lot/often will be judged against their own standards in addition to our own.

6- As a concept art group we prefer to see fresh concepts. Generic, unoriginal, or uninspiring work will have a hard time getting in.

7- Painting and drawing focused work only. Photography and photo manipulations are not accepted. Most 3D artwork is also declined

8- While traditional media work is not refused, it must meet the same standards we hold to digital work, it must be impressive.

Admins at any point reserves the right to decline or delete any design from this group if they think if does not fit the theme of this group or a particular folder.

If your submission has been declined and you would like to know why, leave a message on your submissions ticket (found in your message center) and we'll try to give you a critique.

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Hy. I am a member like... 3 years. I uploaded 19 items. I can't submit since 2016. I tryed contacting you in the main page. Here you could reply me. What did I do? Can you fix it? This sucks badly.