Hey there as you going ? Hope everything it's fine.
So another Monday another day in the hell :D, therefore I'm feeling to share this great content that can be inspiring and help all of you to start the week with the right mood. It's a video from the great artist/mentor Ryan Kingslien (just google his name) dedicate to all the artist that find them self stuck in the Valley of Suck !


It's a real things, people every where experience it, but you can walk trough it if know the anatomy of the valley of suck !
So listen up people.
ChrisTalleras Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Very nice! love it!

I also like how someone else put it too. "It is like you have matured as an artist, since you have been impressed by your skills at one point, right? But now what you draw does not feel as fulfilling, and maybe because you have matured, and then suddelny you suprise yourself and find out that you have improved."
gourger Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Glad you like it the content. Yes that is also a way to see it. It seams sometimes that you always have a high point to reach. Another bay to moor, another far away horizon. I think it's a tipical things of human been try to reach the star, even in the  hypothesis to don't reach them.
i remeber I read one time a really interesting quote which says : The scariest things for the man, is not the fact to know that maybe you can't reach a goal, but more the fact to don't have any goal to reach ! It always make me think a lot, and even know still give me a lot of thoughts.
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