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Hey Concepteez,

In this edition of the Friday Feature a goliath of a creature came into the spotlight, a Cargo Carrier that could easily transport all the character from Wall-E back to Earth and an entry for the CorelDraw International contest that is sure to please the judges, have a look for yourselves.

This piece is still yet it's moving, it's very calm but also sophisticated, the composition draws you in and the details keep you there. It is titled ‘Fairy Treehouse’ and it’s easy to see why. Tomasz has even included a Timlapse for this one…

Qissus is very big on lighting, it is evident that this piece is no exception. The lighting is used very creatively to place our attention to the torso area. Something quite brave about this piece is that it breaks away from the norm of using lots of smooth curves for a female figure, it actually boasts quite a few hard edges giving the character the 'tough' look.

We often get asked about the level of detail/ expertise we expect our members to have before we say yes to their piece. Our answer is 'this is a group based on a concept, an idea' and that's what we're looking for. That is what this piece is about for us. The idea, presented in a way that sells the creature. We know its rough, we can see that it's ready to attack and this image portrays the snapshot of a hungry beast minutes before an attack.

The presentation of this vehicle was a huge contributing factor in making it to this Feature. This time martydesign showed not just the vehicle, but also took the liberty to add small minions of characters that interact with this massive beast. If you think that's not genius enough, how about the subtle variation of making the text smaller? This machine also comes with a step by step, so if you were to purchase one of these, you'd know how to use it.

Last but by no means least we have a demo reel. Yes, if picture can paint a 1000 words, this one would do just the trick. Alberto aka xlxbetoxlx chose elements in this piece to tell us how skilful he is. There is life in this piece, the drama, the interaction with the different characters and then added a full fledged horse bang in the middle. The most striking thing about this illustration is how xlxbetoxlx is not scared of placing your attention on the anatomy of the horse.

Till next friday,
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May 21, 2015


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