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A great concept regardless of how well it is detailed or executed reveals a hidden story underneath it, challenges the viewer and excites them to find out more. Being able to tell a story with art requires the mastery of all basic foundation and then the ability of think differently. The pieces that made it to the Friday Feature have done exactly that, they've told us a story yes! but they've also done it in a way that makes us think, wow, never saw this being done in quite this way before.

First up we have 'Lucky' this character carries fireworks in his clothing and sparks the enemies behind him as he walks, what a crazy, creatively cool idea. Absolutely love the fact that the little guy has been given such huge clothes to pull off. blee-d nailed it with the storytelling aspect in this work. Have a quick look at his gallery, it is full of unique creative ideas that are right outside the box blee-d.deviantart.com

The crispy clear shapes, the perception of depth and the use of colours is done so eloquently in this design it just works. The composition all leads the eye beautifully and keeps us within the bounds of the illustration. Very detailed yet very subtle, very 3d yet flat enough to look like a side scroller, its still yet has waving flags that give us the notion of movement. This illustration should’ve been called the paradox of magical universe. Great job Studiomouette

Explorers often wonder, their wondering brings us great treasures and the treasures unlock hidden mysteries. This environment shows us two characters who've just landed on a big mystery, how can we tell. Just look at the sculptures emotions, does it not look like he's been waiting there for years waiting for someone to uncover this hidden place. The birds, the bushes and the plant really work together to make this art work a joy to explore. Keep it up rymin07

EmiChenArt is a regular contributor to our gallery, we recently featured her Rise illustration astripedunicorn.deviantart.com… and now she's back with more. This time its a magic spell, using bold, electric colours and viewing angle she really provokes the audience way of thinking as if to say 'I'm going in for the attack, to surprise and demand attention towards my work' and it deserves it. Truly magical and it is easy to see the artist within this work.

For the last feature in this list, we leave you with something very subtle and soft and gently done with forethought. We have the shear scale of the structure and the magnitude of damage it can impress but yet we have soft lighting that gently pulls us in as if to say 'its just business as usual' nothing major going on here. But we know that this colony with its hidden closed shapes is up to no good. Its like seeing the silence before an impending attack. Phade01 is a strategist and this is a visual plan at work.

Anyways, hope you have a great weekend and don't forget to show your love for these works by either commenting below or leaving a quick comment on the works itself. A little bit of nudge sometimes can help someone on their journey to excellence.

Gagan Singh
Finalcreature Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
I knew it was a good idea to turn back on the Journal notification. Wonderful artworks 
blee-d Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the feature!! :D You guys are awesome! 
EmiChenArt Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
omg thanks so much for the feature <3 I really love this group and it has inspired me so much to keep creating! :hug:
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