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As creative individuals it is often in our DNA to tackle world issues and our medium becomes our way of communicating the solution to our viewers. But how do we know that we've succeeded in our quest? How do we measure success or failure? In translating successfully what we had inside our head?

Feedback is one way for us to gather that all important response from the viewer. But how often do we stop to tell the artist how we actually feel about their work. Comments like 'So amazing!!!' 'Looks awesome!' 'ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I love it :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' flood the best works in our gallery. As good as that is for the artist, it often tells the artist little about how he could move forward, what really worked in his piece and what he could leave out for next time. In this version of Friday Feature we have a little take away for you: next time you see an 'Awesome' piece, take a moment to tell the artist how it made you feel! If you've landed on a good artist they will in return take the time to appreciate your honesty.

For the Features this week we've picked a selection of pieces for you to express your feelings. Reach out to these artists and pour your heart out. We've done this for years as a group now and the response has always been heartfelt.

Love can heal a broken heart and sometimes breathe life into a dead soul. A giant who was badly bruised and discarded by life felt a glimmer of hope by this lovely little kid who just wanted someone to read her a story from her favourite book. This concept shows us how sometimes we feel like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and we definitely scale up our issues. All we really want is to be child like again and re-connet with our inner self. Tiesei must be a part-time magician to have the powers to paint emotions this good.

This concept shows a perfect harmony between the modern and the old. Taking a beautiful scenery and placing a large futuristic beast of a spaceport. Definitely makes one think about why they would build such a thing in an area which looks like its hidden from the rest of the world. Are those the guards looking out for this top secret space port or just explorers who stumbled upon a big government mystery file. Whatever the case, the concept is very carefully yet loosely executed with lots of experimental elements by polosatkin

Look through the woods, go on! Don’t be scared. What lies ahead is a Dark story which Krikhey has nicely crafted. The close feel of this piece really sends a chill down my spine and makes me step back and gather my courage. The beauty surrounding the flower makes me a little curious but not everything that glitters is gold.

Before you comment or judge this piece, go take a look at the linked video. This is a silent victory celebrated by a group of artists who came together and made this short. There is just a simple, old, rusty plane going through different scenes but if you watch the short you’ll eventually come to the conclusion that it might as well just be a person because we all go though the ups and downs that this plane goes through.

She belongs to the nature and has a story to tell. The repeating shapes in her costume definitely hints to her origins and her eyes are definitely dying for you to ask her a question. This emotion filled character is waiting, the perfect finish on her skin by groovequai and a limited colour palette tells us in an instance that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Have a fantastic weekend and don't forget to leave a comment on how this blog made you feel,
Gagan Singh
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artbylatib Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015   Filmographer
I can't agree more on the idea that some comments don't help to move forward 
People shouldn't be afraid of giving a critic or detail/nuanced comment when they give a feedback to artists. Knowing why it works or doesn't helps a lot.
I think it's always good to know that a piece is beautiful but Perfection is rare and sometimes one can see a mistake that the artist didn't and so forth.

Besides comments are good way to start a discussion (on the piece, on Art...), to share some references, advices and that is great too ! : )
gourger Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Thibault, I'm totally agree with you ! That's why we care so much about feed and comment in our group, and I think so far is one of the few in DA that provide for this service. I really believe in mutual help and I think that this kind of attitude is even more necessary in arts. If we consider that art is something based on a relationship between the audience mediated by the art piece, feed are even more important than the artwork itself. This is my personal idea about art : Think an artwork as a medium trough an idea, a sensation,a mood of someone is transmit to someone else.
So is a duty for a watcher understand that idea think about the message, and it find that this idea have some problem to be transposed give feed that explain how that message can be nail in a better way. A critique need to be interested in the vision of other artist and it can't be influenced by personal taste. It's duty is to learn about arts as a scientist learn about nature, it need to be as impartial as possible and judge quality of work always keeping in mind the message of the artist, and if there are other ways for that artist to express itself in a better way, tell him how do it.
Yes perfection doesn't exist is more an abstract idea which use to have as a coordinate to follow. It serve more as purpose than a statement itself.
The seeking of perfection is the perfection itself. A chasing is not a linear path, but more as a flow which change every time according to our needs. So to speak, using reference of great artist as a Totem to worship is a total bullshit, they are more as star in a dome that help you to trace your path to reach your goals and become a  star by yourself. :D (Big Grin)
Always cool share ideas about art with other people.
artbylatib Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015   Filmographer
Glad we are on the same page, also I was thinking that sometimes when 20 or more persons said "Awesoooome !", "Can't stop to look your piece !", "this is just so amaziiing!"
and ones arrive with a comment a little less cheerful it's like you ruin the party. Personaly I often hesitate to share feedbacks because of that (despite what I said in my first comment).

Mutual help is a good attitude to have anyway ! 

I'm pretty new in DA but I'm happy to have discovered this group ! : )
gourger Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Thibault super happy to know you've this kind of mindset, is exactly the one that keep mind fresh and the eye curious about new things.
Never be afraid to ruin a party, hehehehe, there is no one here, we prefer people that share honest point of view than "red carpet" comment. So never be regret about feed, don't keep it just for yourself, if you've constructive critique, of any kind please just text it ! Artist need it more that everything. :D
Even if you just wanna bring one some hot topic about concept art or art in general, fell free to share those opinion. You'll always find someone happy to join the conversation, every one that call himself an artist should be happy to share opinion about those clue.
So go on don't worry.
We're proud to have people like you here ! Our pleasure :happybounce: 
artbylatib Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015   Filmographer
Hehe that's cool to hear that ! 
I'll try to do my best !

Thanks for the kind words ! : )
Finalcreature Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015
I really liked the first and the last entries. The descriptions of each one of them was amazing.
WhelanC :congrats: 
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