It's time for some Environments! We didn't have enough submissions of a certain genre this time to go with a theme, but we shall persevere! Instead, we are just going to begin and end with a little wintry work. I have taken the best Environment, Landscape, and Illustrative works from the Concept World Galleries and the DA Community from the past few weeks for this showcase. Great work all around! Keep submitting awesome work like this and we will keep this feature going strong!


By :iconeaworks:

This may just be a spitpaint, but the overall mood and tone of the piece could not be ignored. Poor poor little red.

By :iconvielmond:

While this may not be the most polished or rendered piece in this weeks feature, it has a great use of color and brush strokes to bring the scene together.

By :iconst-pete:

A relatively simple piece with a great juxtaposition of color and shapes between the rigid structural elements and the organic landscape in the background.

By :iconnookiew:

I really enjoy the use of color and tone to create depth in this painting. This is one of the few paintings this week that you get a real sense of story from.

By :iconjordangrimmer:

The play of the cool shadows with the warm highlights is quite nice here. The small pops of red really help to lead your eyes around the whole painting.

By :iconsarya:

This is one of our more fantastical submissions this week. Great exaggeration of shapes to make some really unique buildings.

By :icontryingtofly:

The composition and POV here really work together to create an absolutely immense looking structure. Not a pallete you see every day, but it seems to work quite well to give the viewer a somewhat uncomfortable and uninviting feeling.

By :iconwildweasel339:

The painterly strokes and use of light here are truly remarkable. I hope that everyone who sees this takes note that, more often than not, less is more.

By :iconmathiaszamecki:

The Fooooooooogggg. This work has a great sense of atmosphere. The play of the smoke with the buildings, fading them in and out, while being almost entirely in silhouette, is really quite impressive.

By :iconjameswolf:

The style and humor in this otherwise realistically rendered piece is pretty inspiring. Fantastic lighting and use of space certainly made this an easy add to the Feature.

By :iconthe-fogz:

Crazy! The colors, the shapes, the atmosphere. You can get lost looking at all the individual parts of this painting, but overall, its just fun.

By :icondeerandfox:

I thought I would end with a painting that looks how I feel.... COLD. This is another one of those works that relies on expertly placed brush strokes and well placed color to convey everything that it needs to. Just looking at the work makes me shiver a little.

Great work from everyone this week. I definitely had a difficult time narrowing down all the submissions we received.  

Until next week, Keep Submitting and Stay Warm!

- :iconthrantantra:
Eaworks Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature, really nice works all :)
St-Pete Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature!! :D
ThranTantra Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
No problem! Great work!
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