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Concepteez Issue 3

Hey Concepteez,

Surprise, surprise, surprise, after a 5 months delay, Concepteez issue 3 is finally out and you can download it now for free .
Based on the feedback we received after the last issue, we kept this issue light of text, simple to carry and provided images that bleed all the way to the edges.


:bulletblue: Making of the cover image by vesner
:bulletpink: Exclusive artwork by Long-Pham vladgheneli BrotherOstavia and plamen5rov
:bulletpurple: Traditional art gallery by Myrmirada
:bulletred: Art work by selected featured artist
:bulletwhite: Special interview with Feng Zhu Design student isra-ac
:bulletgreen: Our very own Rogue aka rogueXunited highlights one of our biggest project so far in her own words
:bulletblue:  Run down of Torch Relay with an official introduction

:bulletpink:  Making of Golem by JoshCorpuz85

Click on any of the images above to download the magazine.

As we mentioned already in a previous blog, the magazine remains free and will remain free. However, we're asking all the users to share the link so you can help us spread the word and help even more artist become a part of this community. You'll need Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to download this link. If you don't have any of them, ask someone who does.

From fresh art to the hottest cover entries we have rounded up all the communities favourites to bring you a magazine that you'll be proud of.
Thank you once again for all the artist that helped complete this issue and for the support of the CW team members.

If you like this issue and would like to be a part of the next issue please comment below.

PS: Torch relay will resume early next week.

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October 11, 2013


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