Bi-Weekly Contest Re-Launch!

Wed May 23, 2018, 3:43 PM by ArtofOdd:iconartofodd:
Hey Concepteez,

We hope you all enjoyed having that extra day off work Monday, filled with creative projects and Tea. :w00t:

Let's kick off with a contest Vehicle round
The theme will be "Tokyo Bike". ;)

We decided to give the winner something extra; A $5 cash prize. [via paypal only]

The winner and the contenders may see their work featured in our next Concepteez's issue.
Make sure your work is of a high standard (a4 size) and save wip shots to be qualified.

:bulletgreen: 46th Bi-weekly contest: Vehicle round Contest –"Tokyo Bike" .

You all have two weeks from now to finish your entry. There is a timer on the front page which counts down this contest so you don't need to ask us about the time zones, just work it out from the timer.

:bulletgreen: Contest

You are allowed to add facts of your own but you must have the basic requirements (Has to be an Vehicle based piece).

:bulletblue: Please add a small description in your entries stating that it is made for this competition so we know its not an old piece.

Also add:

 :bulletwhite: Software used
 :bulletwhite: Time taken
 :bulletwhite: Add a link to wip file if you've managed to grab some screen shots of the process, similar to… and…
 :bulletwhite: You can also add our logo by pasting :iconConceptWorld (add another : to the end) into your description.

:bulletgreen: Full Rules here

:bulletwhite: You can use any piece of software and the entry can be 2d or 3d concept.
:bulletwhite: Submit your entry to "Bi-Weekly Challenge". You can only submit one entry so do make it count.
:bulletwhite: Please make it relevant to the theme otherwise you will be disqualified from the public poll.
:bulletwhite: The folder will be blocked for submission after the deadline so try and leave some time to submit your work.
:bulletwhite: To make your work future proof try to make your canvases close to HD resolution (if your computer can cope with it).
:bulletwhite: If you have a 3D entry you must provide wire frames to prove the fact that it is 3D modelled. You can either link to the wire frames, or you can upload your designs in this format:…
:bulletwhite: Follow the Group submission standards as well as the rules of the contest, Admins will only accept entries from an Intermediate level and higher.  

:bulletgreen: Judging
Admins will be judging your piece based on these contributing factors [A link to a downloadable score sheet will be provided ASAP];

We will mainly be looking for;

:bulletwhite: Originality
:bulletwhite: Composition
:bulletwhite: Presentation
:bulletwhite: Technique
:bulletwhite: Functionality
Entries will be sorted by admins and we'll pick the top 10 entries after which Concepteez members can vote for them in the poll
*The admin team has the right to disqualify any entry if it doesn't meet our requirements. Winning the poll will not guarantee you 1st place.

:bulletgreen: Prizes

:bulletwhite: Winner of this round will receive a $5 cash prize. [via paypal only]
:bulletwhite: You will be featured on our main page (a 640x480px image) for a whole week.
:bulletwhite: The winner will also be featured in our Featured folder, along with all the other glories you get from being a winner it'll be a great learning curve and you'll also receive a mention in the next blog.
:bulletwhite: You may also be featured in Concepteez's next issue.  

:bulletwhite:*Use this contest every week to improve your skills and share progression with your peers. You never know when you might get hired. :bulletwhite: ;)

"There is a clear link between how well an image did on poll to the amount of time spent on it. So lets spend more time for a higher chance of success."

The theme for this competition is: Environment round Imaginary worlds and the DEADLINE is Wednesday June 6th at midnight.

Let's make this a great year for all Concepteez, we want to see your concepts!

Have fun and be creative,

:iconartofodd: Bee

GDSWorld Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Looking forward to taking part in this round. 
Thanks for organising this contest Bee. 
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