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Hey Concepteez,

New players have joined the heat, previous contenders are now leading the game and the numbers are on a rise.

From 'Scorpion Dragon' to 'System Connected' and now to 'Scrounger's Wrath', Scorpion451 has shown the whole team that persistently chasing after your goals can massively pay off. Joshua has been with us ever since we started this group and has taken part in numerous rounds, slowly working his way to the top of the poll.

Here is the winning entry:


Not only is this concept filled with detailed elements painstakingly drawn over 20 hours, there is a nice use of colours and a great description to go with the work. A well deserved victory. Congrats!

2nd winner

Close second is a piece which looks like a concept from District 9 but with elements from the Red Dead Redemption game. With a composition that leads you into the piece and great use of lighting, this piece is not short of intricate details that are boldly placed. Great work Marcus.  

3rd place

Taking the third spot is this great concept by RottingShortly. Now not only did this artist completely changed the concept he initially thought of but also came up with a design brief. Words that sync nicely with this concept making it looks a page from a movie in progress. Nice call!

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With blood, sweat and occasional tears, this mind blowing concept is painted by non other than myself. I can't say I didn't have fun painting this piece, it was a joy to paint and though initially I thought the topic was a little silly, it helped me paint something in a style which I've never tried before. So there!

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This ship painted by Nyte-Tyme depicts an airborne ship dropping blobs into the water underneath. Better watch out when this ship goes over your house.

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Suffering from an unusual condition called 'Procrastination' Alexander did a great job of pulling this great concept out of the bag in the last hour, well 3 hours. This concept not only has a great dynamic silhouette to it and appears to be functional, it looks like an insect being pulled apart by two large blobs. The first thing that came to my mind when looking at this concept is a gymnast doing a split. Great job!

Long live America

Next up is a concept painted by Shadowjess16. Its a great start and it looks like this ship is the only thing America needs to live a worry free life. Does it not put a smile to your face? Feedback following very shortly.

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This painting depicts a steampunk ship barging through icy water and powered by the blob it carries on its back. Love the original story and there is a lot of potential in this piece. Painted by Orbes.

Steampunk plane

A simplistic yet functional design by geler7, this cute little blob ship looks like a single person carrier. You have to ride one of these with a massive grin on your face.

Steampunk plane

First entry from ZappaArt and it shows a massive ship hovering above clouds. Great job getting into the game, now its time to buckle up and get to work.

The leader-board as it stands right now:

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Phew! If new entrants keep coming in like this, I'll have to have a week off just to write a review.

No one yet has been able to hold the torch more than once in this contest, that's exciting!
Will we see a new hero taking the torch in the next round or will Scorpion451 be able to deliver the same blow in the next round?
We better keep an eye on these rounds.

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Submitted on
September 15, 2013