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In motion By DW Miller

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Oct 14, 2015, 6:55:33 PM
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beautiful work, I love the way it fades out, something I try to do around the edges of my sketches but never manage to pull it off. Also quite a difficult angle to draw the face from in my opinion, really nice work. Also.. hair is something I find extremely difficult with pencil and paper but you have managed it well! I presume this is just pencil and paper?
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Thank you for the in depth look.  Yes it is paper. I went with a rough tooth instead of my usual Bristol board.  As far as the hair is concerned, what is your process?  How do you look at it? What do you see?
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You're very welcome. Hmm I try to look at it as more of a block object to start with to get the basic shapes in instead of looking at individual strands of hair, so grouping the hair into sections, but when I look at most photo reference I find it hard to picture in my head how to group it together unless it is already quite clear in the reference. Not sure if that makes sense? lol
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Sounds like you are on it. When you create the quadrants  try to follow the flow of the hair.  Make your sections pointed. You may also want to vary the sizes of the sections. Then when you go back into it you can maintain the rhythms of the hair.  At least that works for me. Hope it helps.
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Thank you for your help I will try use that next time I draw hair!
One other problem I have is knowing how to draw the ends of hair, working digitally I can always just use a brush tool but working with line art or pencils I never know how to draw the ends.
I realise that sounds a bit silly so I am trying to think of the best way to explain it.
Like some artists will use sharp curls as the end, other will use flat bits, other will try to actually make spikey sharp lines at the end. I guess it's about your own style really but it's just one thing I really struggle with!
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so simple yet so nc ^^.thumbs up
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Nice work there :D I Love her curves... Is it a real person you drawn?
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Yeah it was.  A photo reference from a few years back.
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