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Dragon Keep Original Art By DW Miller

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Okay, I had to write up a critique for this one for a number of reasons. I've written several of them for this artist over the years, but this one resonate with me differently than the others. First off, the frickin' dragon in the background is epic!!!! Harking back to the days of DnD second edition, the color illustrations that used to be included in those books. Also, the woman. Mister Miller is known for his incredibly sexy women, and this one is certainly no exception. There is an almost gypsy feel to her, in my opinion. I especially love the shading he used with her, I think it adds an almost sensual feel to the work.

But the main reason I wanted to write this critique, the title sticks out for me. For those of you who know me, I'm a fairly prolific writer, though being my own worst critic I'm constantly taking things down off DA to put up newer versions. If you've read my work at all, then you've probably seen that I have a building that I refer to as Dragon Keep in which my main protagonists, a group of adventurers calling themselves the Dragons, always live. The keep on which that dragon is perched is almost exactly what I picture my Dragon Keep looking like! So well done Mister Miller, as always. You talent screams from this page and this particular picture resonated with me as few others have.
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Niice. I like. 
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Awesome style & details
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fantastic work!!!Love 
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Damn!!!  That is all.
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A very Zen reply. Thanks for the critique. I always enjoy what you observe in my work.
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I always enjoy critiquing it!  Keep them coming!
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