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Yuan-Ti (Lizard Monster)

Yuan-Ti (Lizard Monster) concept art for The Forgotten Realms (Dungeons & Dragons).
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Hm... So you know Cobras aren't lizards, right?
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Yes.  Volo's Guide to Monsters has lots of fun Yuan-ti stuff, including details on their culture, like their habit of eating and supplanting their own gods.
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Well, they did give a pretty good foundation by explicitly saying some retain their human emotions, some become interested in human civilization, and some go rogue because they don't have to be the bottom rung of the social ladder out in the world.  You could easily combine two or three of those features to make a non-evil adventuring Pureblood.
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That's for sure, but personally i think that 'token good ones' ala Drizzt do not work, they feel like a cheap pacifier to the 'always evil' trope(and kinda reek of 'the good darky' narrative), i would rather have some Yuan-Ti communities that are not evil, either because they reject the rationality cult and rigid caste system of the others or because they take a less fanatical, more critical approach.
When they made Gnolls playable for 4E, WotC did a brilliant job at devising examples for non-evil gnoll communities(before 5E ran screaming in the opposite direction), i hoped that 5E would come up with similar materials regarding iconic monster races.
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Eh, I like to think of them as the equivalent of psychopaths born to usually good races (something I also enjoy throwing at players), an indicator that mortal races, unlike fiends, never completely fit in a box but their societies can trend certain directions.

Although, admittedly, the depth of my Yuan-ti's character's rebellion from society was to start out evil and slowly work up to neutral over the course of the adventure.  Good didn't really enter into the cards.
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Okay, these guys are snakes, not lizards. XD
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That's too cute!
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Reptilian humanoids are always fascinating :)
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Hubba Hubba <3 Such a lovely job
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It's snake-people, not lizard. And it looks cool! :D
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This was categorized as "lizard" like the others, because there were 2 other stages to the Yuan-Ti. One like this, a bipedal "hybrid" and one that looked almost human, with some snake-like, or lizard like features. Sorry for any confusion.
Troll somewhere else, EldricIV. You realize this is fantasy, right?
Troll somewhere else, EldricIV. You realize this is fantasy, right?
Between the Yuan-ti (snake), Kuo-Toa (fish), and Sahuagin (also fish), someone has a pretty broad (and incorrect) definition of lizard.
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