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Ogre Mage

Ogre Mage concept art for The Forgotten Realms (Dungeons & Dragons)
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HammerinInkminer's avatar's a curious look to say the least.
So what is the connection between them and regular ogres?
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I fought them in D&D as an assassin and they always seem to get the drop on me.  Whenever I saw one I'd go ballistic.
Letdragon's avatar
Interesting. Ogre mages wield swords instead of staves. :)
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Your art makes me want to play D&D.  The closest I've come is MTG.  I don't have nearly enough geeky friends.
psymonster1974's avatar
Finding good players is absolutely the hardest thing to do. A bad group can be more frustrating than not playing at all, a good group can be awesome, but is unfortunately rare.
Frotwirth's avatar
True all that! It's like starring in a movie alongside very unpleasant people or just very bad actors.
Great art but clearly this is an oni (one of its many types) and not an ogre. Yeah, the original ogre magi was based of the japanese oni but don't mix it up with with actual ogres.
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wow, im running my mouth a lot on your page, but loving the work.
this is cool. love that its going more toward the original (but i swear, if they make dwarf a class again... )
anyway, excellent work. not sure that i feel its magical though, but have no problem with Oni being magical Ogres... cool idea actually.
Ogre Magi were always Oni.
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Don't like mixing cultures (japanese-european) but not your fault (comes from Gygax as somebody points) and still great art. :)
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Awesome pose. A little more grotesque will be good. Also have to look taller.
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So Ogre Mages are now Onis... I can get behind that.
gustavoiglesias's avatar
They have always been. Since 1st edition
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The 3rd ed wasn't really stylized... just a big blue ogre. Either way, I like it.
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No, but D&D didn't start or end with 3rd edition :) This is the oni from AD&D 2e Monster Compendium:
I really like this one. I'm agreed with those who say they like the return to the roots. Reminds me of the ones we see in DDO, only tweaked to perfection. :)
This is a great piece of art and really gives a feeling to the spirit of the original monster -- far better than I have seen in the previous versions! Well done! I would be interested in how the magical abilities could be displayed, but that is in no way a criticism in any way!
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not digging it.
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not only loved this illustration, but i also love to see the chinese dao. (and about the name: imagine if you find a ogre+mage+martial arts weapons ? the result would be = run away!!!
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That's correct. The Ogre Mage is based off the Oni.
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I did like in 4e when these were actually called Oni
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Awesome design! I love how much his face looks like the classic oni masks!
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This is the only one I don't like. This is an Oni (Japanese demon), not an ogre. And nothing in this image says "mage."
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