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Gnoll concept art for The Forgotten Realms (Dungeons & Dragons).
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He is proud of his pretty, pretty braided mane. :D Great work! Love this guy.
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Man are you revamping the Monster Manuals for D and D or is this just concept for a color Gnolls were my favorite to draw when I was younger learning to draw nice update if you guys did revise the already good book in the Monster manual. Nicely done!
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wait is this guy supposed to be a hyena werewolf thing? ..... AWESOME.  
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wow look so fantastic it is sad that in the DD Comic gnolls have 3 toes how like in WoW
OniVrask's avatar
No matter how strong they look...they're still arrow fodder.
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most excellent
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Looks like someone is bitter he didn't make the Lion King auditions.
Where is Simba ? I'm coming for my revenge!:) (Smile) 
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This looks really awesome, It's just such a shame Gnolls get a really bad press in video games and books etc, haha
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Love this piece! Just perfect!
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just curious what in the nine realms is that??? P.S. nice job by the way.
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one of my fave monsters. and this rendering is bloody brilliant!
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Fantastic work. Forgotten Realms was always my favorite
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Too big hands but awesome! :)
Beautifully done! Really captures the humanoid adaptations of the hyena features!
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Another great image, but for the head is too small and the hands to big. Hyena's have oversized heads/jaws and I would have emphasized that aspect in humanoid version of them. But I am kinda partial to Gnolls, so I can be a bit picky.
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DnD Next concept work specifically for Forgotten Realms. The idea was to come up with a cohesive look that could be used in all areas, such as the RPG, video games, comics, etc. Glad you like, thanks! :)
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Very great work! one question!? this is a work for D&D next, the new RPG? or concepts for pc games?
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very accurat work
well done
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