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sexy girl

Livia Lemos as the subject from one of her photoshoots; In this case my painting was a large recreation from a photo to practice skin tone, form, and brush techniques in photoshop/painter.

why I chose this subject? what can I say, I love women and the female form....classic beautiful girl with nice ambient lighting. also, this was done in 2004 and I was just beginning to start painting at that time...I did a couple pieces of this nature to learn process.

digital painting, very large (dont remember pixel count) photoshop and painter,wacom tablet.
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She would do better if she listened to he parents! 
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you dont use white enough neither of you.
artist demand white more
model demand white lingerei
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Really good photo and design :-)
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She looks like Penny from The Big Bang Theory. :)
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Ill take that as a compliment, though its not her... :)
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Alright. It is beautifully designed. I like it. :3
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thank you I appreciate the response.. that piece is actually very old for me, 2004 when I was just really getting into digital paint.. but Im glad it still holds up and people like it...:)
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Well, it a very great piece. ^^
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This is a very eye catching rendering, good job.
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thank you , its quite old now, but Im glad people still enjoy it...:)
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Better than Brook-e!!!!!!!!!!!! GIGGITY!!!!!
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it is just sublim and realistic
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At first glance I thought this was a photo. :O
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thank you:)its a very old technique learning piece..but I love that people still like it.. thanks for looking.
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Beautiful painting
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Thank you for looking ..:)
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