Wednesday's Weekly Update!

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Hullo again everyone!

We're a thriving Art Community in our own little corner of the internet, and now here on DA too!

Up until now I've been adding artists to the CA artists list below purely based on those I've recognized around CA and the activities. Want to see yourself up there? It's simple! This Week's Request! Let me know how you participate on, throw me some links to your work or tell me which activities and contests you've submitted work for, and why you should be included in the CA artists list! Haven't participated much yet but still want to see yourself there? Well, then go participate! ;]

Just a reminder that the awesome :iconloveandasandwich: loveandasandwich is hosting a CA Artist Secret Santa! You can find the thread here with instructions on how to sign up and participate!… Art exchange for Christmas - what could be better?

In the meantime, check out this awesome stuff going down on right now ::

Andrewkim has posted a bunch of his work for Uncharted II in the Finally Finished Section. Check it out!…

Don't forget the ConceptArt.Org Weeklies!

Character of the Week #180 :: The Steampunk Harem…

Environment of the Week #126 :: The Caravan…

Creature of the Week #161 :: Merlin's Familiar!…

Industrial Design of the Week #117 :: Erotic Toy (18+ only please!)…



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Kamikaye's avatar

well I have a sketchbook, but due to the lack of internet bandwith during the last year it was hard to browse and even harder to submit stuff. I did some dailys and I lok forward to do it again since I have a new DSL connection now :)
Gamerhomie's avatar
I've had a fine arts thread up for a little while and I've been meaning to start a sketchbook, maybe alter on in the week. I need to find some time to start scanning in my pages.[link]
ArtyomT's avatar
Well,I am participating on under kRaven nickname. I haven't done really much except for lurking yet, but I have taken part in Newborn contest [link] and posted occasionally in some art related parts of the forum [link] Will start a sketchbook soon too.
moonxels's avatar
moonxels's avatar
scary or not here 's my dump on CA [link];postcount=1
jets's avatar
I started a sketch book.... I think that's it really.CA is a scary place.

Cacodaemonia's avatar
I'm really active in the sketchbooks section of CA, and comment there a lot. Here's my sb [link]

Looking forward to the Secret Santa! :)
phiq's avatar
~phiq = Me = good
Me on = really good

There's a link to my sketchbook in my sig :meditate:
BlackRogueDreams's avatar
Just joined CA today. Looking forward to having some fun.
CylindricalFawn's avatar
I love CA and have been on there for a while, but, I've have particanted because of my time being consumed by college work. But I almost entered the good vs.evil wacom contest on CA, but again time was issue.
Dan-Van-Cool's avatar
I'm a Level 6 Gladiator: Provocator :P Ive only been painting for 14 months but I own allot of the instruction to the downloads you and your crew have made available on you site. Id consider myself a half decent testament to the downloadable content.
Here's my DA gallery [link]

Im Glad you see you guys catching a broadening your audience here on DA.
Plognark's avatar
Hmm, well, I used to do some of the weeklies, but man, that was a few years back. I probably don't count, all I do is browse from time to time now. :P

Maybe I'll come back and do more weeklies, those were wicked fun :)
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