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Jason Chan, of Massive Black!

Check out his downloads, including the one about how he created this image, here: [link]
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Awesome artwork! I took it for some prop for my pathfinder game. Did-you mind if I put it on DA? [link]
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The creature reminds me of Shuma gorath a great deal.
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I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
Oh... that picture is so creepy... and scary. I love it!
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i love it all!!!!
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I once had an idea for a fantasy comic book, that feature something similar. Should I decide to make it, this'll be of great inspiration! :)
beautiful work
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That is just too cool :O
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~^-^~ tentacle monsters love to give hugs! I bet that's his friend! ... but it looks like he might have eaten something smelly... like Limburger or something
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I feel exactly the same now... :l
nice job btw :)
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i love the position and expression is "Screams", "Your fucked..."
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Wow! :faint: Amazing!
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that's an very interesting pic you've done, it's like a person who's committed some kind of dark sin.

Or it's a person with a split personality.

anyway it's a very unique piece.
Wow! i love this print
For all the technical details of good artwork (and there are alot), such as wonderfully depicted scales on the tentacles and horrifying emotion in the victim's eyes and tears, one thing stands out even more...

The picture is just downright SCARY!! :evillaugh:

Wonderful!! Great work!! :clap:

I DEMAND another in the series!! Please... pleeeease...

(And don't think I didn't notice it draining some sort of energy from her. Lifeforce? Emotion? Memories? Will? ...I don't think I WANT to know. The mystery is part of the thrilling horror!)
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Mmmm, that's so sexy! Gotta adore those mouths! : D I dig the chosen colors as well! <3
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Epic tut, This is one of my favorites.
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