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November 5, 2010
Massive Black March by ~ConceptArtOrg The Suggester said: "It's a gorgeous drawing, full of fantasy details. It has a nice composition with a great combination of colors. Contrast between dark and white side is really eye-catching.".
Featured by Atramina
Suggested by Valentina-Remenar
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Massive Black March

Massive Black, represent!

Check out tons of great tutorial dvds and downloads from them here : [link]
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Nona-Redd's avatar
Very messive black style!
frreee's avatar
oh my ..... its beautiful!!!!!! i love this..... ♥ very nice, good job.....
reydelfenix's avatar
This is amazing. Simply amazing.
t-monkey's avatar
wowww so epic :heart:
ioxygen's avatar
coool. great composure!
tdlob's avatar
Want to hear something funny? MY favorite part is the flag/thing with the flag. When there is obviously so much more to admire...
EclecticEcho's avatar
Is her headdress made of pomegranates? Like Persephone? I'm a greek mythology geek, but it would cool...
But great composition and detail!
aurek-san's avatar
Still can't choose my favorite creature.
kkshi99's avatar
oooh i guess
zynphull's avatar
This reminds me of La Liberté guidant le peuple by Delacroix. Very nice.
kpqj's avatar
Epic! Love the baby! CHHHHHAAAAARRRRGGGGGE!!!!!!
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
Oh fu** it's amazing.
Shydrow's avatar
like all of Massive Black's work this is stunning
now i know what lady gaga army would look like XD but fantastic job love the work special the girl and the baby slash shark slash worm slash something something ho and the hourse and the bee
Beleleu's avatar
Effulgently's avatar
Oh man, that's probably the coolest baby in the world.
Glamazone's avatar
That's an awesome drawing, but why does she wear nothing but an armored swimsuit? She'll be cut in half the very moment she enters battle.
prosaix's avatar
It's because no one's interested with an armour clap woman. :dummy:
Glamazone's avatar
Well, Israeli female soldiers don't show off their bellybuttons, and yet their photos are popular... I mean, if a character herself is interesting and the picture is good, there's no need in nakedness to attract attention, right?
prosaix's avatar
Nakedness attracts more than well covered female bodies, you just need to take a look around yourself. Magazines, advertising banners etc.
Glamazone's avatar
The difference is, women from advertising banners don't have to fight monsters or whatever)
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