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Iron Angel

Jason Chan from Massive Black!

Check out his downloads here :: [link]
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xxxpattyxxx's avatar
Hail Iron Angel!!
Demon-Works's avatar
Our cries ware heard and so the heavens answered. The reaper of souls descended and freed us from our mortal sufferings.

Really cool :3 
supermarioART's avatar
Epic angel!Great!;-)
3D-Jordan's avatar
love the detail, some smoke or something for levitating effect would make it perfect
Aaronthecat's avatar
Woah! She's so cool!
hewie-necros's avatar
Woo creepy angel.
I dont want go to heaven XD
Why-did-Kenji-die's avatar
I love Jason Chan <3
Decuss's avatar
Wow this is so beautiful my jaw literally dropped when i saw this in full view, this drawing is amazing and so in depth. Amazing job, fantastic,
unrealbox's avatar
just exelent ^^
HellBelleBarbarelle's avatar
I LOVE THIS! Hair, body, colors, creepiness..
Amatheuz's avatar
Ohh It remember me the akumas of D-gray man
LeafBoat's avatar
This reminds me of the great Art Nouveau Jeweler Rene Lalique's Dragonfly Woman corsage ornament, probably his most impressive piece of jewelry. :D

To see the brooch, you can follow this link
Claudia-SG's avatar
This picture has been featured in my journal! [link]
:love: :clap:
KrystannKMVP's avatar
katukomal's avatar
unbelievable imagination! +faved
ProfessorMarkus's avatar
I wish chan would draw his anime girls better, especially when you upload this right beside a Coro piece.
Liethel's avatar
this is awesome ♥

I love the colors and she!!
Djota's avatar
He´s the big artist man!
Darey-Dawn's avatar
So beautiful!!!
kongvmax's avatar
awesoome picture :D
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