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Maleficent by yinyuming
Game Of Thrones Calendar2019 illustrations (10/12) by yinyuming
Game Of Thrones Calendar2019 illustrations (9/12) by yinyuming
Game Of Thrones Calendar2019 illustrations (8/12) by yinyuming
Tomb Raider Reborn by DavidHakobian
Before the end of the world by Wy-Vinz
'The ARK' Project by artificialdesign
Zelda - Legend of dead space by Iggy-design
Logo Pack 1 Preview by DeRezzurektion
Weapon Silhouette Sketches 4.2.2020 (I'm not dead) by DeRezzurektion
#2 Creature Sketch '20 by satsume-shi
#1 Creature Sketch '20 by satsume-shi
Character Designs Full
Iemanja -Tarot - III  -The Empress by FrancisLugfran
Malcom MacLaughlan - commission by CristianoReina
Dark Knight by beacascabel
Environment Designs
City Commission by VonStreff
Amenthes - The First Descend by AranniHK
Entry point by Up-Tchi
Martian Mega Structures by PeteAshford
Various Concepts
Wandering Koala Backed Into A Corner by SkyFitsJeff
Wandering Koala is Ready to Fight! by SkyFitsJeff
Robo-Cthulhu by JerryBoucher
March of Robots 2020 by JerryBoucher
M-Tec Harmwald Ballista IFV by NikitaTarsov
DOA Brumby Safari Truck by NikitaTarsov
cyberpunk city by ElizavetaS
M-Tec Geist IFV Urban by NikitaTarsov
Custom Warhammer 40k Bolter [Final?] by DeRezzurektion
Custom Warhammer 40k Bolter - Blood Angels Ver. by DeRezzurektion
Xmas Party Christmas Flyer by n2n44
Coffee Time Flyer by n2n44
Creature Designs
Deus Rex Machina by satsume-shi
Genndy Tartakoskys Primal vintage collection by HellraptorStudios
Dino designs #1 by JerryBoucher
Dino designs #2 by JerryBoucher
Architectural Design
Blender ArchViz Test 2 by DeRezzurektion
Coffee Shop - Interior Concept Art by iHF95
city by AbsurdBR
A Prayer in the Library by iHF95
Abundance by phantastes
Logo Designs
Zechite Combat Flag by Great-5
Conceptual Fanart
Freeze, You lil' Ne'er-do-wells! by FrerinHagsolb
Art References
Character Design Folder 2
Wandering Koala Overlooking a Forest by SkyFitsJeff

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Its very important for conceptartist to have references to help make their artwork. It can help with lots of things like, anatomy, color, texture, shading and perspective.

I made a new gallery folder where you can submit references you made. This can be works like; stock photo's, tutorials, sketches of poses, anything that can help your fellow concept artist.

It can be found here:…

I also want to make a blog post containing various websites where we can find great references. Some examples are:

Body building poses:…
Art refs tumblr

And so on.

If you have some great websites, please post the links in comments of this blog post
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Rules and FAQ

Hi and Welcome to #Conceptartists

This is a club for people who like creating visual version of art based on a concept. Any kind of art form can be found here. From the craziest little doodle till the most magnificent paintings ever seen. It´s important that the artwork needs to have a background story or it has to be based on some idea of a scene or character you or somebody else had in mind. It's also important that the works stands out and has to be laid out properly so the viewer can exactly see what it is and what it does.

Submission Rules
- Submit to the folder your work belongs in
- Unfinished pieces, sketches and doodles can be submitted to the speedy folder.
- We do check the quality of the work. Please make sure your work has a good composition, is rendered, and has a reasonable perspective or anatomy.

They are the people who make a lot of concept art and keep refreshing our club with new art.

As a Contributor you can:
-Submit art to the group
-Get more attention from other people.
-Get a small text area about yourself in our artists list.

In order to become a contributor, you must meet the following requirements:

-Have at least 10 concept artworks in your gallery
-You have to be active on this club

People who sometimes create concept art without the intention to be professionals or deal with concept art for the rest of their lives.

As a member, you can:

-Submit art to the group
-Get more attention from other people

Everybody can join as a member. But you do need to have at least a few pieces of concept artwork in your gallery which meet the submission criteria.

If you don't feel like submitting stuff; you can still see updates of artwork that get accepted into our group.


-You can post 3 images a week.
-Upon joining you can add 5 images to the galleries.
-Be polite to each other.
-Give some critique from time to time.












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Spacesam Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
This group looks very interesting, is it still active ?
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Professional General Artist
I had a bunch of expired works. What's going on?
Meryosie Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! Please check out my gallery and commission info. Thanks!  Emoji01 by Emoji-icon

COMMISSIONS (Paypal only) - OPEN

  [Commission] Rehema by Meryosie [Commission] Vel by Meryosie   Sailor Moon: Usagi by Meryosie   [+Video] Commission - Sweet Love Story by Meryosie
Djake Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Quick question:
I would like to submit the following image
Formal Fire by Djake
While the woman is an original character, the image is intended to showcase the enchanted dress she's wearing.  Would it be appropriate to submit to the "Items" folder, or would you still prefer it in the "Character Design" folder?
PS:  Please feel free to delete this post after responding; my intention is to provide visual reference for my inquiry, not to spam your Comments section with images.
Rashedjrs Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there!
This artwork of mine was declined amongst a few others, coul  someone tell me why?
At Shifts End by Rashedjrs
ULarka Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Cirilla isn't a girl anymore by ULarka
my new work
ULarka Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
AndrD-2 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much for accepting me! :) (Smile) 
MisterBlackwood Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hi thanks for accepting my work :)
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