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Suit Up! by AbaKon
Dr REM's Secret Lab - Control Room by FreeMind93
fighter concept 140402 by Eon-Works
Space Marine 2 - The Escape by MarkusVogt
Egghead squad by djahal
Bot drink by paooo
Sardaukar SP by Talros
Smuggler - Male by Phade01
Titan AE - Drej Fortress by steve-burg
Mjolnir's Might by AdamBurn
Dreamscape VII by jamajurabaev
Orion 01 - The Ground Force by MarkusVogt
Lost Thoughts by andreasrocha
Northern Conveyor by djahal
R.U.S.E. - Matte painting - 01 by djahal
Land Vehicles
Last operation by Talros
Stride by ChrisCold
Blue sea by Talros
Novus Aeterno Battle by AdamBurn
Alien planet by jamajurabaev
Desert_walk_01 by David-Holland
.:Speedpaint-18:. by David-Holland
M124 concept by Talros


Sharp vs Squidgy by popicok Sharp vs Squidgy :iconpopicok:popicok 5 3 Skytowers - The Factoryworld by MarkusVogt Skytowers - The Factoryworld :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 497 74 Concept Ships by mikepacker Concept Ships :iconmikepacker:mikepacker 48 2 D.S.E. The Prototype by MarkusVogt D.S.E. The Prototype :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 428 103 Thoughtful by Meteorskies Thoughtful :iconmeteorskies:Meteorskies 21 8 Dontnod - Adrift conceptart 08 by paooo Dontnod - Adrift conceptart 08 :iconpaooo:paooo 5,285 309 Landing Bay by PeteAshford Landing Bay :iconpeteashford:PeteAshford 267 46 Prospectors by vmulligan Prospectors :iconvmulligan:vmulligan 187 66 BSG - The Sleipnir Mission by MarkusVogt BSG - The Sleipnir Mission :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 626 102 Breathe 3 by MarkusVogt Breathe 3 :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 446 89 VALUE stuudyy by M3W4gunner VALUE stuudyy :iconm3w4gunner:M3W4gunner 42 3 revised by M3W4gunner revised :iconm3w4gunner:M3W4gunner 29 2 Toxic City by MarkusVogt Toxic City :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 695 123 Unknown Civilization by MarkusVogt Unknown Civilization :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 266 30 Resistance by MarkusVogt Resistance :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 484 57



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This group will showcase science fiction art from DA artists.
Founded 10 Years ago
Apr 24, 2011


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Art Collection

319 Members
379 Watchers
31,281 Pageviews
This group has been in the "quiet zone" for too long and will soon undergo a massive overhaul.  As of right now, we're looking for FLASH artists who can work to create a nice animation for the group logo.  Otherwise...I shall be drawing the group pic...yet again.  So, ya'll have until the end of January to get a design in.  Other than that,  happy holidays and prepare for a big year!

Currently, the group might want to hold a mini-competition seeing that there are enough members.  As this group is relatively strapped on cash (aka points), there might not have any form of official "prize" except to place the artwork on the featured gallery of this group.  

For the topic (currently 5 choices, one to be decided on):

Future Sci-Fi Vehicles, (2 Votes)
Future Cities, (1 Vote)
Future Characters, People,
Future Weapons,
Scenes From The Future,

If you want to "vote" on this, simply send a note directly to me.  Thanks!
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Group Ground Rules

Our Mission:

At this group, we hope to feature a great variety of good sci fi art. We hope to showcase some great art and start a small group dedicated to specifically showcasing premier examples of conceptual sci-fi art in the DA community.

Posting Information:

1) Please submit your own art. It is in this group's best interest to maintain a high level of originality. Also, anything made with a preset program will not be featured.
2) Please submit art pertaining to this field only.
3) As of right now, you can submit as many pieces as you want.
4) Artwork with watermarks will not be accepted.
5) Please do not submit unfinished concepts.


If your art does not get selected, please do not feel disheartened. Maybe your artwork might just be in the wrong place. Either ways, we will try to send a note to you if your art does not get selected.

Please send a note to become accepted as a contributor (your art will be reviewed).








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RogerArtsStudios Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there everyone, looking to join the group. Got some stuff I'd like to submit to the page.
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018
Which folder can sci-fi maps be submitted?
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Featured or Landscapes
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Thanks so much accepting me
katmachiavelli Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Professional
Heya, thanks for adding me to the group! ^_^ I submitted two character pieces which have been pending for a little while now. Dunno if you saw 'em. :)
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Boba Fett Spin-Off Might Put New Character In The Suit?

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