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Disco Inferno

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by James Zhang, © Blizzard Entertainment #WorldofWarcraft #WoW #Blizzard

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Moonguard goldshire inn in a nutshell
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This inspired by…? cuase lol and great tune
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The human's face...the whole thing is amazeballs but that dude has me giggling.  Just love it!
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They look familiar... the human guy looks like... Russell Crowe with blond hair... :O
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human tcock is gonna slide into dat nelf pussy soon
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The expression of the human guy's face. This is too awesomely hilarious.
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Reminds me of Pornshire.. Still love the art work though, good shadings, the faces are realistic, the right flow with the hair and clothing. well done.
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need a horde side of this! >< (<----- hates allys with a passion) no offense >x> but ya XD other then that... lol and pretty epic... plus ur rockin the realistic look ;)
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:devil: Like the "realism" of it all, if that makes any sense =) Too bad it's the Alliance though :D but very well done! :thumbsup: :devil:
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Goes and trys to crash the party with her troll hunter but gets drunk and dances with the dwarf* very realistic. FOR THE HORDE!
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lol Hell! It makes me wanta dance too! <3
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Wow.A master piece
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wow this is one great painting the best i've ever seen great job
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you rock. absolutely fantastic. I like this feeling.

look that dwarf dancing. increeeeeeedible.
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The lightning and the colours in this piece are just outstanding.. such a lovely atmosphere.

I'm jealous now :P
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love the disco ball in the tavern.
great job
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truly amazing :D
one of the best photos of wow...for real!
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Can I be a bonekiller here =p? Self-answered yes! Night Elf's do not submit to anything that has to do something with immorality, such as selling their own bodies to other men or women, same with Draenei's as they are holy. So in reality, if WoW would've excisted in real life, this could never happen... Only the Gnome might've gotten curious, that means Two guys (The Dwarf and the Human) Will have to share the Gnome. I wonder how that would end up.
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Haha, this is awesome, I love their facial expressions, they truly look like they're having a blast (they're probably drunk? XDDD). Anyways, great job! :)
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absolutely amazing pic! I LOVE IT :D
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This is pure awesome sauce.
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