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Ambassador sunrise by slybrarian
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Commissioned: Jaunt in the Jungle by Colourbrand
Zoomies by GrahamTG
Just a comet by thefirstfleet
The Emerald Blur by Shoguneagle
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Commission - IPS-N AHAB - MWC Crew + Video by Jose-Melo
Shipshape Corridor by falke2009
Commissioned: The Mink New Hamburg Endurance Car by Colourbrand
Commissioned: World Killer by Colourbrand
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Understanding your Programming by sfontain097
Thunderbird by sfontain097
Quarantine Drawing 1 by sfontain097
Galexy Rider by BB-Artists
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Crone by mtavaka124
Drowning by mtavaka124
Gluttony Concept Character Art by BB-Artists
Unholy Innocence by FadedFoxDesign
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Fishing by mtavaka124
Concept Sketch_2019_Demon Creatures by OliverDemers
Speed Me Up Sonic the Hedgehoge Penciling  by BB-Artists
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Medieval River by SimonJody
Thalassa's Farewell by Tsayaret
Inferno by BlastWaves
Ixtichul Race by wbyrd
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DPG-85 B5 Crisper by BlackDonner
IMI .44 S-4630 Pounder by BlackDonner
RLXP Mod 959 Ruby by BlackDonner
RLXR Mod 6540A1 Blitzer by BlackDonner
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Tail by AugustinasRaginskis
Character art for 'High voltage sands' mobile game by MioKan-s
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Yavanna by Tsayaret


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To all artists on this here site, please observe the following blog I had copied from :iconshoguneagle:

It is important to read this so you do not fall into this trap yourselves.

   by Shoguneagle,
   Journals / Personal

Ordinarily, I don't feel the need to out the various cheats and scammers on dA or elsewhere, as they tend to root themselves out in a timely fashion.

This particular case, however, irks the hell out of me, as it affects an artist of whom I have recurring commissioning business with.

If you've been watching my page for a while, then you are familiar with Jason C'hng, who goes by Doghateburger ( He is responsible for the bulk majority of the character commissions done for my writing projects, of which include Shootingstar, Patrol Girl, Star Wars: the Destiny Era, etc. He is one of my go-to guys, as he is incredibly likeable and easy to work with. Above all, his quality is astounding!

He's recently had some trouble with an individual who not only neglected to fully pay him for services rendered upon prior agreement, but then had the audacity to ultimately refuse to pay the remainder of what he owed AND threatened to report him to PayPal in order to damage his reputation. And to top of it off... he is still using the artwork he refuses to pay for, hoping to fund his game through Patreon.

Here's his dA page:

Here's his Patreon:

And here is the transcript of the dispute in question: [link]

Warn your friends and your peers. Don't let people like this ruin commissioning for our artists.
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