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Barothauma atlas

A huge Urogamian that moves its tiny head around to graze, thanks to a flexible neck and ambulatory limbs. The red patches on its back are growths of algae-like plants.

«While most golden titans all resemble reasonably modified varieties of Chrysoderma, the monstruous atlassaur (Barothauma atlas) is peerless in its oddity. A true mountain of flesh, where flocks of diplopterygians come to rest and to hunt for parasites, lying on a colossal belly and on stocky legs that barely reach the ground, motionless except for a tiny head with bright eyes that seems to belong to an entirely different animal. This head is mounted on a flexible neck over 10 m (30 ft) long and moves around on its own, carried by ambulatory paralimbs as if it was an animal on its own regard. This arrangement allows the atlassaur to graze on spongegrass in a huge area without moving more than once in several days. Walking (crawling?) atlassaurs have rarely been observed, though the wake of barrenness they leave behind marks their movement for a long time.»
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Its gait seems similar to an old idea, now known to be false, about sauropod gaits.