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Excuse me while I squeeze the life out of this Wonder Woman pic I did in December.

My aim was to channel some of the sensibility of the golden age, and reflect that optimism and vigour in Diana’s own youth. I spoke briefly how I felt I levelled up on this one, more so in regards to colouring. Some bits didn’t work, but I’m really happy with the cooling green in her skin, the touches of blue in her hair, and the lilac of the chest piece. Hopefully I can carry that forward, even if it’s the spirit of experimentation alone.

I just realised one of the letters is missing the column effect and I DON'T REMOTELY CARE haha. At this stage I'm in an art induced fugue state.... 😵
Who would hand a baby to Wonder Woman at this most inopportune time? Irresponsible parents... that's who.
The initial idea was to have cheering locals, making Diana pose with their child to highlight how effortless this feat of strength is. Then I had to draw them and I noped hard.
(30% of the original file size, because storage space is overrated)
Wondrous Insanity
Hot off the presses. Wondrous Insanity. Inspired by the Birds of Prey “teaser”, hopefully DC moving away from a shared universe means more creatively diverse movies.

Eager to see this iconic duo on the screen.

Favourite joke… Mjolnir Mjolfar

It is still moving along at an elderly snail pace. But progress is progress and I can’t lament that fact.

Personally I prefer these messages over a drip fed tease of miscellaneous art. Why? Because context is king, and I believe characters are best served by their surroundings. So, once the issues are released, all the auxiliary stuff will come after. Because transparency is important to me, the concept art, notes, all the process stuff will no doubt be released somewhere. 

(and because I enjoy that type of thing)


In truth I wasn’t happy with some of the art. I drew the main character’s face once near project’s inception and I thought I absolutely nailed it, so I’ve been holding that image as reference. The struggle to achieve this likeness over multiple images has been painful, and more often than not the resulting art didn’t serve the scene. So I’ve been going back, redrawing it, and it’s looking a hell of a lot better. This logic of refinement has applied to the poses, and some shape delineation.

REASON TWO. I’ve surrounded myself with the key imagery of the comic. I lived and breathed it to an extent that updates were inevitable. The logo received an update to further reflect the visual language I’ve been developing, I layered the first cover with some symbolism that only became apparent on reflection. Some new scenes got added that are very valuable to the whole.

REASON THREE. The shittiest reason. INJURY!! Looking at the computer all day aint good at all. Eye strain (Occasionally my eye twitches), coupled with mild hand strain. The webcomic certainly stresses me out way more than it provides any sense of joy. The act of drawing it is far too self aware for me to not dwell on tiny details. At this stage, I can’t even say it’ll be worth it in the end. But it will be done. A statement in and of itself.

So thank you for your patience as I try to make the best thing I can.

(All that said. I'll likely tease SOMETHING then delete it, so glue open them peepers)


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Curt O'Neill


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Early Birthday wishes to you next week Curt my man and wishing you and yours Season's Greetings and a Safe and great new year as well!
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Thank you so very much!! Appreciate all the support, DA is richer for having you. Happy Holidays and I hope you have a great New Year!! 😀
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Early Birthday wishes to you Curt my man and Happy Holidays to you and yours!
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