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Fighter not Lover meme
Fighter not Lover meme
1. Your OC can't touch the interviewer for whatever reason you choose.
2. You may use multiple OCs but it was created with the idea of one OC.
3. This was created for those who have killed. If they haven't killed, get out.
4. Made to test the reactions of OCs, sorry for being so damn impolite! I really am D:
7. You don't need to tag, that question may be used for extra SASS from your OC towards the most charming interviewer. xP
1. Hey, what's your name?
Hello, I have no name but it would be appropriate enough to call me by my codename Black Hand
2. How old are you?
That information is unknown to me, but a few of my colleagues have told me I look somewhere between my 20s
3. And your gender?
I am a male
4. Fine. What are/were your parents like?
I have none, I was born as government property. Raised as a tool
5. We all need someone to watch our back, is there anyone to take care of you?
I suppose there are three indivi
:iconconartist-666:ConArtist-666 2 0
Word Limitations by ConArtist-666 Word Limitations :iconconartist-666:ConArtist-666 7 0 Sleeppin kitte by ConArtist-666 Sleeppin kitte :iconconartist-666:ConArtist-666 6 67 Peppersalt by ConArtist-666 Peppersalt :iconconartist-666:ConArtist-666 6 4 Terrible Oranges by ConArtist-666 Terrible Oranges :iconconartist-666:ConArtist-666 2 0
Theirs still room for improvement :shrug:


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Come on, one and all to my favorite art. HUZZAH!!!



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:thumb525919551: Paffendorf Lucky Star Stamp by Sakura-wind:thumb552807980:
Tagged by: :iconinfernowizard:

1. Post ALL the rules!
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves!
3. Choose 13 peeps and questions
4.Can't say you don't do tags
5.Tag- backs are allowed!
6.You must do a journal entry! No questions! Unless it's about the entry!
8. Be creative! Do not say you're tagged in the title! You can in the description!

1. Your favorite video game?
That has to be Infamous I and II. Oh and Bullet Storm, to bad its not getting a sequal. Which is BS.

2. Reason of joining DeviantArt?

To take a look at my favourite artist's work. Before I had an account apparently non-members can't view the entire gallery until their signed into the website.

3. Favorite Quote/s?
"Like lambs to the slaughter."
from somewhere

"For the both of us... you're gonna... live. You'll be... my living legacy."
from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

"Those wings, I want them too."
from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

"Every man is guilty of the good he did not do."
from Voltaire

"I don't call you "brother" 'cause I like the way it sounds."
from Infamous II, Zeke Dunbar

"We just held our breathes and watched, as one by one of them monsters started to drop. News said even some folks over-seas were kneeling over. Poor bastards must have been Conduits and didn't even know it ... but it was worth it. 'Cause... for the thousands that died... millions were gonna live. The plague? Man, it was just gone. I could already hear people starting to party, just celebrating being alive. I thought my friend was gonna go down as an unsung hero, but here in New Marais, they knew what he had done for them. Who would have thought that "The Demon of Empire City", would become the patriot saint of New Marais. Sometimes, I hear folks talking about Conduits and humans like they're totally different. That's bullshit. 'Cause there ain't no one with more humanity, than Cole MacGrath. I love you brother, and I'm sure gonna miss you."
from Infamous II, Zeke Dunbar.

4. Pencil or pen?
Pencil please.

5. Digital or traditional art?
But their both good.

6. What are your biggest accomplishments?
Uh... being alive and still having one of the longest relationship in my life.

7. Do you have any advice/tips about drawing?
Try to get into it as early as you can. You'll build up some momentum from there on.

8. Best moment/s in life (Best Day Ever)?
Never had one yet.

9. Three biggest fears?
Heights, being complete and utterly alone (which is odd because I don't have that many relationships in the first place), and automobiles.

10. Greatest memory from childhood?
I remember the times when I was never afraid of anyone or strangers.

11. What's the hardest thing you've ever experienced?
Being on a roller-coaster in Japan. Fuck that.

12. If you're given a chance to be an Undertale character, who will you be?
Uh I don't know.... Grillby I guess?

13. What is love?
The feeling when you care about someone a whole lot.

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