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Wrath-Amon by Gek (Alt) by Bahamut-255
Wrath-Amon by Gek by Bahamut-255
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Pixel Nostalgia - Pirates of Dark Water by HamsturHomyak
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Question about art01 by misterprickly
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Valkyrie Snu Snu by SuperPoser
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CONAN THE BARBARIAN - painting by Darko-simple-ART
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Conan the Puppywalker by Loopydave
Valeria by Mr-Sage
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Natalia Dyer Yasimina by EscribaRegio
The Many faces of Doom by Bahamut-255
The Serpent Lord Awaits... by Bahamut-255

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Princesa Yasimina Emily Willis by EscribaRegio
Conan The Adventurer fan stamp by JRWenzel
Thundarr The Barbarian fan stamp by JRWenzel
The Pirates of Dark Water Fan Stamp by JRWenzel
The Real Song Of Belit by LeiaIceCommander
Guilty Rose by princesskaoru
Jezmine cosplay by LeiaIceCommander
The Barbarian Rises by Sandman-AC
Princess Ariel/Sorceress - Commission by LadyKraken


Conan The Adventurer by gyrfalcon65
Conan The Adventurer
Conan the Adventurer - Wrath-Amon by Konquistador
Conan The Adventurer by gyrfalcon65
Thundarr The Barbarian
Lords Of Light by BigChrisGallery
Thundarr VS Gemini by AllanOtero
Lil Thundarr Gang by lordmesa
Thundarr the Barbarian by Oddabeish
Pirates Of Dark Water
Laziel by sammychan816
pirates of dark water by stoneface
Pirates Of Dark Water by Hyde209
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Thundercats by NickJustus
Masters of the Universe 2 by NickJustus
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He-Man, Most Powerful Man In The Universe. by Axel-Gimenez
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We are a group for cartoon sword and sorcery.
While our primary focus is on Conan The Adventurer, Thundarr The Barbarian and The Pirates Of Dark Water. All fan-works for any other Sward and Sorcery and Barbarian cartoon, show or movie are welcome.

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In this scene in the cartoon Conan The Adventurer,  Jezmine, the heroine is made into a sex slave complete with a leash around the neck which seems very much informed by the Jabba The Hutt scene in Star Wars. But is it? In 1934 Robert E. Howard created Belit Queen Of The Black Coast, who was a Shemite princess. She and her brother were sold into slavery and Belit was made into a sex slave by Stygians. She escaped by killing her captors and then she became a pirate where she was given the title of Queen Of The Black Coast. So which do you think came first?
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